November 30, 2008

Dinamo - Salavat Yulaev, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Salavat Yulaev Ufa

Sorry for being late with the review! We along with some other fans had a little party after the game, so it was impossible to write the review in time :-)

So, it was a great hockey night. The atmosphere in the Arena was wonderful. Of course, it had to do with the fact, that the visiting team was the mighty Salavat, but still the gotten emotions were (and still are) great. Ok, about the game: it was a spectacular, high-speed match. The starting goalies were: for Salavat – Tarasov, who was also in the net in the previous game, for Dinamo – Prusek, who was changed by Naumovs in the third period due to an injury.

Salavat Yulaev took the initiative right from the starting minutes. On the third – Sirokovs got a penalty, which Salavat didn’t fulfill but had some nice moments. On the 8th minute a great chance to score had Cipulis. Some seconds after Nizivijs and Hartigan along with Radulov all went to the penalty-box in order to cool their ardor. Riga again was short-handed and this time Ufa’s players scored and a very beautiful goal it was: Mikeska from the blue line gave the puck to Chermak, who made a loop and then passed on Vladimir Antipov, who was precise. It’s like there were no Dinamo players at all! A few minutes later Dinamo got a power-play, but it was catastrophic – not only Hartigan didn’t use his chance, but also, after a mistake of Riga’s players, the team missed a second goal: Aleksandr Perezhogin ran two-on-one with Aleksei Tereshchenko, Aleksandr passed on his partner and 2:0! Well, Salavat Yulaev was and still is the best team in scoring while being SH. Less than a minute later Dinamo is in Ufa’s zone, Novak shoots – Tarasov repealed, Chermak (I think) didn’t catch the puck, but Ankipans did – and 1:2! Before the break the teams had a one more penalty each.

On second periods 5th minute Sidyakin skated into Dinamo’s zone, dropped the puck for Radulov and Aleksandr made a 3:1 for his team! After – the game became a little calmer. On 32nd minute Sirokovs and Radulovs got penalties for roughing. Being four-on-four Dinamo was more active. Later Riga got a double power-play (Ufa got 2 minutes for having too many players on the ice, but some moments later – Proshkin received a 2+10). The home team didn’t have much goal-scoring chances during this PP.

Riga started the last twenty minutes actively, but still the team wasn’t so fresh anymore. Salavat was better. In the middle of the period Radulov accidently hit Martin Prusek, who had to leave the ice. Naumovs took his place. Undarstanding that Sergejs had no time to limber, Salavat went attacking, but no luck this time. Next – Dinamo moved into Salavat’s zone and Darzins, Berzins and M. Redlihs had a great shift: Darzins being behind the net, close to the field corner gave the puck to Berzins, who was completely free in front of the net – 2:3! Riga had some more opportunities to tie the game, but the result didn’t change anymore.
I must say, Dinamo did very good this game. 2:3 is a very worthy result. It was obvious, how much better and high-classed was and is Salavat Yulaev. I think this game, despite the defeat, is valuable, once again, for a moral boost.

This home-game series, in my opinion, turned out quite successful. Dinamo Riga got 4 points; the goal difference is 8-6. Not the best statistics, but the team showed good hockey, that’s important.

About Prusek. According to unofficial information, Martin’s injury is serious, possible – he has a concussion and will have to miss the next games. Hopefully, Martin will be all right. He plays really well right now. He missed 5 goals in these four games (the 6th, from the shot-outs in the game with Metallurg, doesn’t count), that’s not bad at all. Martin is progressing. I’ve seen him play for Spartak and he was good, but not as good as he is in Dinamo. He really drags the team in some moments. The trainers trust him, so I’m sure Prusek can do even better. The sooner he gets back in shape the better.

Riga’s next game will be on December 3rd, when Dinamo will be visiting Yaroslavl’s Lokomotiv.

Dinamo – Salavat 2:3 (1:2, 0:1, 1:0)

Goals: 09:22 Antipov (Chermak, Mikeska, PP) 0:1, 13:57 Tereshchenko (Perezhogin, SH) 0:2, 14:31 Ankipans (Ellison, Novak) 1:2, 24:26 Radulov (Sidyakin) 1:3, 54:30 Berzins (Darzins, Westcott) 2:3.

November 29, 2008

Dinamo Riga - Salavat Yulayev, game preview

Salavat Yulaev
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev is not just a super club, it’s Russia’s current champion. And it has all chances in becoming the first champion of KHL (and also winning the Champions League). Salavat is strong in absolutely all lines. But it wasn’t always like this. In the past Salavat Yulaev never was between Russia’s top clubs. Only in the last years Ufa began investing money in hockey, so the club started progressing. In season 2005/06 Salavat finished 7th, in 06/07 – it was 3rd, and in 2007/08, for the first time in its history, Salavat Yulaev was 1st, not only in the play-offs, but also in the regular season. The team was counted as favorites from the beginning of the last season and it still is. These guys know how to get the puck in the net, they know how to defend their zone and they know that the game last 60 minutes. Salavat Yulaev will keep on fighting no matter what. It’s not by accident that the team’s head coach Sergey Mickhalev has a nickname – “silver fox” – a sly, white-haired strategist.

Ten days earlier Dinamo Riga already faced Salavat Yulayev and lost 0-4 in away game. I am not so sceptical about this game, because recently Dinamo Riga is playing much better, losing strake is over and they are showing good performance recently. Salavat Yulayev is currently placed 2nd in the league with 19 wins in 28 games, just short behind Atlant Moscow

Their current leaders are : forwards – Alexey Tereschenko – 30 points (11+19), Alexandr Perezhogin with 30 points (20(!)+10), Alexandr Radulov – 24 (10+14), Vladimir Antipov - 21 (12+9); defensemen – Kirill Koltsov – 18 (4+14), Igor Schadilov, Vitaliy Proshkin (both – 12 points).

This will be a tough game for Dinamo Riga, I will attend this game *SO Excited*, it does not matter in which position is Dinamo Riga opponent, Dinamo Riga can beat everyone, anytime, anyhere and also Dinamo Riga can lose anytime, anywhere. I hope for the best. I will try to meet today some of my blog readers and hopefully I will meet aglo.

Stay tuned, I will try to write today game review.

November 27, 2008

Dinamo Riga - Metallurg Magnitogorsk, game review

Dinamo Riga VS
Metallurg Magnitogorsk
1-2 (OT)

After 8 loss straight Dinamo Riga yesterday won game against Traktor Chelyabinsk, where Dinamo Riga won in this KHL game 5-0, so boosting up player morale for todays game. Earyer this month Dinamo Riga already played against Metallurg Magnitogorsk, where Dinamo Riga lost 3-5 to them in a tigh game, earlier game review you can find here. Before this game Metallurg Magnitogorsk was ranked 6th in KHL with 20 wins in 28 games, in otherhand Dinamo Riga was ranked only 16th with 10 wins, Dinamo Riga has to make Top16 to fit in to the playoff spot. For Dinamo Riga, next games are really important.

Today for Dinamo Riga his first appearance had Gints Meija for Dinamo Riga he turned 21 this september, starting goalies for today were Martin Prusek for Dinamo Riga and Ilja Proskuryako for Metallurg Magnitogorsk. First minutes in the game away team hold puck more, but Dinamo Riga made some good counter-attacks in return. After few moments Proskuryako made some mistake which could gone in to concerning goal, but no luck this time. After few moments Dinamo Riga fans cheered ''Lauris! Lauris!'' and Lauris Darzins encouraged by that made a good shot, but without a goal, then after few moments our new player Gints Meija interepted the puck from Metallurg and had a great chance to score, but without any result. In tenth minute Federov made a great shot, but Martin Prusek held on to it. In 13th minute Gints Meija had another great opportunity to score, but again no luck, a great start to our young player, two shots already in his first period in KHL. After few moments Dinamo Riga had two powerplays, but there was no result for them. In 17th minute our defenseman Duvie Westcott had a great opportunity, but again no result in the game tablo. In the last minute of 1st period visitors had a few good chances, but with no result, so 1st period ended with a draw 0-0.

Already at the start of the 2nd period Dinamo Riga had a few great opertunities to score, but again without a goal, afterwards Metallurg Magnetorogrsk had a few dangerous attacks and again great in goal was Martin Prusek. In 6th minute Lauris Darzins did not got a puck yet again in the net and moment later Duvie Westcott received 2 minute penalty, so only now for the first time Dinamo Riga was left for the short-handed situation. Metallurg was holding the puck in Dinamo Riga zone all the time, but Martin Prusek was in his place. In 10th minute Darzins had again made some great situations to score, but sadly - no result. In 2nd period second half Dinamo Riga had had played better hockey then Metallurg, as Dinamo attacked more with dangerous shots. In 16th minute Marcel Hossa had a chance, but he did not score and Metallurg had a quick counter-attack that almost resulted in a goal, Prusek was in place and also big share of luck helped. 3 minutes before the end of second period Filip Novak received 2 minute penalty and Dinamo had yet again played in short-handed, Metallurg had great chances but these changes did not turned in to result, after Filip Novak steped back on the ice, Metallurg had a great opportunity, but they did not score in the empty net, yet again Prusek was in his place and luck helped, end of the period 0-0. Goalies for the boath teams are on their best game tonight.

3rd period started equaly but none of the teams did not had a good chance to score, in fifth minute Lauris Darzins made a shot from blue line, but Metallurg's goalie was in his place. After few moments both teams had really great chances, but neither of them scored. After few minutes Dinamo Riga earned a power play, in which Dinamo Riga made some great attaacks, after few moments there was a mistake by Dinamo Riga defenseman and 2 minutes for blocking received Kristaps Sotnieks, who yesterday made his first point to apear on stats near G. Now both teams played four-on-four where better looked Dinamo Riga, after few moments when Metallurg's player steped back on ice from penalty box, Aleksandrs Nizivijs with a great wrist-shot in lower corner made 1-0! After this successful episode Dinamo Riga was still attacking, there was a great opportunity to double the score, but sadly, no goal. Already in 13th minute with counter-attack Metallurg Magnetogorsk made an equalizer 1-1 with a great quick-shot, and at this moment Marcel Hossa had some anger managment problems and received 1o minutes for bad behavior. In 13th minute Aleksandrs Nizivijs received an absurd 2 minute penalty, I don't know where referee was looking, but there was NOT a penalty, Nizivijs beraly touched Metallugs player. Dinamo Riga was not far from concerning second goal, but with great defensive play Dinamo Riga was able to hold on to a draw. After few minutes our captain Rodrigo Lavins made an obvious tripping but luckily for us he did not receive a penalty. In the last moments in third period Mikelis Redlihs had made an wrap-around, but without scoring a goal. So after 60 minutes we were heading into overtime. 1-1 after third.

In the overtime there was no great scoring chances, tho better looked Dinamo Riga, only notable moment was when Atvars Tribuncovs received 2 minutes 6 seconds before end of the overtime. Now time for shoot-out.

Shoot-out: First shooter for Dinamo Riga was Aleksandrs Nizivijs,...he made a great deak...a post!...First shooter for Metallurg was Chistov and he made a score 1-0 in favor for Metallurg. Second shooter for Dinamo was Martins Cipulis - POST! Yet again, how unfortunate for Dinamo. Second shooter for Metallurg did not score, mised by a mile. Lauris Darzins steped on a ice to make a third shot - showed some good moves with his hands..., he scores! Now Metallurg had to shoot their third shot in shoot-out - ..., no goal, really a terrible shot, player shooted right on Prusek. Now 4th shot was taken again by Chistov - ..., he scores, a great shot by him, yet again. For Dinamo Riga next shooter was Marcel Hossa - he was preparing for the shot for a few moments - he goes to the net...Proskuryako, game over. 1-2 Metallurgs won.

A great game, best in November for Dinamo Riga, in my opinion, best players for Dinamo Riga were - Martin Prusek, Lauris Darzins, Aleksandrs Nizivijs. Also a great debut for Gints Meija, we will se what he will do in next games, he has a potential.

Dinamo Riga – Metallurg Magnitogorsk 2:1 (0:0, 0:0, 1:1, 0:1)
Goals: 47:42 Nizivijs (Tribuncovs, Hartigan), 52:04 Kudrna (Fedorov).

Download video (torrent) from here.

Pictures had been taken from

P.S.S Next game (against Salavat Yulaev) I will be attending for my self, so next review will be in next day after the game.

November 26, 2008

Dinamo - Traktor, game review

Dinamo Riga Vs.
Traktor Chelyabinsk

Sirokovs was finally in the line-up today, Gints Meija yet wasn’t. The goalkeepers were Prusek for Dinamo and for Traktor both of its goaltenders played – Mylnikov and Alistratov.

Just like in the previous game, Dinamo had a chance to open the result on the first minute and was attacking in the beginning. But this time Riga FINALLY did it – our team scored! Hartigan, 1:0 at 04:00. Riga continued offending. At 05:54 Cipulis got 2+10 for checking from the behind. Traktor was able to get in Dinamo’s zone and had some nice moments, but Prusek was great. At 09:11 Sirokovs got 2+2 for checking Traktor’s player. Guests didn’t do much, they hit the cross-bar once, but Hossa once even ran one-on-one. After Dinamo was at full-strength, Traktor’s Galkin got 2 minutes for boarding Nizivijs. Then Riga got a chance to play five on three for 22 seconds and Kristaps Sotnieks scored his first goal for Dinamo – a great snap shot from Hartigan’s pass! Riga had some more moments before the break; especially notable was the one, when Dinamo had to get the puck into the net as it was empty. A great game for the home team in the first twenty minutes!

At the beginning of the second period Darzins got a 3:0 from the front of the net! Then it looked like the game became calmer, but Traktor’s players began to get nervous. Piganovich got 2+2 for kneeing (against Novak) and roughing. During this PP Cipulis, Tribuncovs were close to score, Hossa – twice. Mylnikov was excellent! At 28:37 Dinamo was left short-handed, but didn’t let Traktor do much. The remaining time Dinamo confidently controlled the puck and the game; Sirokovs, Ankipans had a chance to score, but Hossa after some unsuccessful shots managed – right in the empty net – 4:0!

Traktor changed their goalie for the third period – Danila Alistratov took the place in the net. Still everything was clear in this game. A miracle had to happen for the result to change in Traktor’s favor. Dinamo continued having advantage. At 46:28 Galvins and Cipulis arranged Riga’s fifth goal after a beautiful two-on-one combination. After – Dinamo continued attacking and just enjoyed the game. In the last minutes Traktor was a little more active, trying to score a prestige goal, but they didn’t succeed. The game ended 5:0 – a beautiful win for Dinamo!

Today Dinamo Riga really did great! The team showed the kind of hockey, which the fans always await from it. Every player did his best for the victory, still I’ll name some, who were one’s of the best – Darzins, Hossa, also Cipulis, Sirokovs and match MVP – Tribuncovs, and certainly – goalkeeper Martin Prusek, who had a zero-match today. Of course, Traktor didn’t show its best, it can do and it is a much better team, than it was today, but still – for Dinamo it was a very important and necessary win, no matter how bad the opponent played.

Dinamo’s next game is tomorrow, November 27th, with Magnitogorsk’s Metallurg (right now placed 6th). The first game between these teams Dinamo lost 3:5. I’ll be honest, I don’t think Riga will win (ok, it’s possible and maybe the club will gain points tomorrow, but as to the next game after Metallurg, with Salavat Yulaev – I doubt it), but I’m sure Dinamo will show a good, worthy and effective game in both matches.

Dinamo - Traktor 5:0 (2:0, 2:0, 1:0)

Goals: 04:00 Hartigan (Nizivij) 1:0, 15:21 Sotnieks (Tribuncovs, Hartigan, PP2) 2:0, 21:57 Darzins 3:0, 38:25 Hossa (Ellison, Lavins) 4:0, 46:28 Cipulis (Galvins) 5:0.
Penalties: 28-20.

Some moments from the game:

Download video (torrent) from this game here.

Pictures taken from esports.

November 25, 2008

Line-up changes

According to KHL's official website, Dinamo's two forwards Juris Stals and Toms Hartmanis are transferred to farm-club Riga2000.
Two players - defender Olegs Sorokins and forward Gints Meija - are moved to Dinamo. Meija is the leader of Riga2000 - 20 points (10+10) in 24 Belarus championship games. He is considered as one of team Latvia's most perspective players.

November 24, 2008

Dinamo - Lada Tolyatti, game review

Dinamo Riga Vs.
Lada Tolyatti

This was the second meeting of the teams this season (Dinamo lost the first game 0:6). Marcel Hossa was finally in the roster. The goalies for the game were Prusek and Koshechkin.

Riga had a chance to open the result already at the first minute and then held some more attacks. Lada answered once, but the puck hit the goal-post. Riga continued attacking, but Hossa got a two minute penalty for interference giving Lada a chance for disturbing Dinamos’ goalkeeper. Riga, however, defended very well; Ladas’ players did almost nothing in their offence zone. After – the game was equal, both teams attacked, but Dinamos’ were a bit more dangerous. On the 13th minute Riga got a power-play, but had only one real goal-scoring moment. Some seconds after the guests were at full-strenght, they once again got a PP (Lavins for tripping), but Ladas’ shots were easily for Prusek to catch. And then – again – Riga got a PP and again – nothing special happened. All attacks that were held in the first twenty minutes were attacks only conditionally, 0:0 – an absolutely fair result.

At the second periods beginning Ladas’ player Niemi got a penalty, which Dinamo didn’t fulfill, but had nice chances to score, especially at the end of the PP. Dinamo was more active the next minutes, but still – it’s hard to name their attacks very dangerous. Lada didn’t attack at all, they were just holding the puck in Dinamos’ zone. Only in the middle of the period the guests finally managed to take roots in the offence zone and their shots weren’t the easiest. Dinamo players took the puck away after all and got a power-play, which didn’t bring any dividends; what’s more – Dinamo almost got a goal in their net and Galvins had to break the rules in order to save the team. Being short-handed Cipulis had a moment, but Koshechkin was in his place. Nothing interesting happened in the rest time of the period. As Matt Ellison said in the interview – Dinamo has everything right now, except a goal, it’s all the team needs and “we will make it”.

Nizivijs had a solo raid in the beginning of the third period – without any result. Just like Dinamos’ next attacks. By the way, clashes happened from time to time; the game was getting more strained. Dinamos’ pressure was also getting stronger. After one of Riga’s attacks Westcott and Mikhnov almost had a fight, but they were parted in time and both went in the penalty box, living the teams to play 4x4. When the score-board showed 54:34 Chernikov and Mikhnov carried out a very beautiful attack – Mikhnov laid the goalie down, gave the puck to Chernikov, who hit the top of the empty net! The score was finally opened! After the goal Lada tried to score again, Dinamo tried to tie the result and a good chance was given when Riga got a PP. Dinamo shot and shot, but Koshechkin was great. And in the last minute Lada did everything right – controlled the puck, not giving Dinamo any chances to pull the goalkeeper out. Ellison wasn't right, alas.

Well… Dinamo lost again. And Dinamo couldn’t score for the second game in a row, which makes 6 periods or 120 minutes without goals. Maybe Dinamo was a little better here and there today, but just a little, it’s not enough for scoring and winning. This game was quite fluent and borring, in my opinion. Dinamo still wasn’t so good, it can do better; Lada, however, played it’s hockey and I think won deservingly. The team maybe stands lower than Dinamo, but it’s still more experienced and qualified. Besides Lada is in one divison with Riga, which means these teams will have two more games between one another. And two matches, which already have been played, showed that the club from Tolyatti is a very inconvenient opponent for Dinamo, but it still possible to win it. And Dinamo must do that. Dinamo must not only win Lada in the next matches, but it also must win the next match, just to feel, that it’s possible, to gain confidence in its strength. But first of all Dinamo must, of course, score.

Whit hopes for all of this, with hopes that “we will make it” awaiting the next game, which will be on November 26, with Traktor. The first match between Riga and Chelyabinsk ended 4:3 for Traktor.

Dinamo - Lada 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Goal: 54:34 Chernikov(Mikhnov) 0:1
Penalties: 8-8.

Download video (torrent) from this game here.

November 21, 2008

October MVP - Mark Hartigan

Pool has been closed and Mark Hartigan has received most votes from our blog readers, he received 36 votes, second came Sergejs Naumovs with Marcel Hossa, both 25. Mark Hartigan is an important signing, he is one of the best goalscorers in KHL, he currently has 9 goals and also he gave 7 assists, totaling 16 points in 25 games, also he is one of the most indisciplined players in KHL, he has 73 penalty minutes giving him 12th position in penalty minutes in KHL.

November 20, 2008

Prusek, Sirokovs & Sorokins are training with Dinamo

As Rigas’ Dinamo homepage informs, the team continues getting ready for the next KHL games in Arena Riga.

Goalkeeper Martin Prusek, defender Olegs Sorokins and forward Aleksejs Sirokovs are also participating in the trainings. In order to faster get in shape and get back in the game, Sorokins will play a match for Dinamos’ farm-club, Riga 2000, after which will be clear, how ready is Olegs to be back in Dinamo.

Both Prusek and Sirokovs are healthy and ready for full-valued trainings.

Forward Mark Hartigan didn’t participate in the ice-training due to a small injury gotten in Ufa, but before the next game he will be in shape.

November 17, 2008

Salavat Yulaev - Dinamo Riga, game review

Salavat Yulaev
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Naumovs took the place in the net for Dinamo. Our second goalkeeper was Ugis Avotins (it’s still not known, how serious is Pruseks injury). For Salavat it was Tarasov. The on-line was poor, so it’s a bit hard to make conclusions.

Salavat had advantage throughout the whole game, but the first two periods Dinamos’ players did great, Naumovs worked wonders. First periods’ main events, besides Salavats’ attacks, were a bodycheck against Hartigan, who, hopefully, is ok, Novaks’ two penalties, Kyrill Koltcovs’ 10 minute misconduct penalty and Proshkins’ 2 minutes. But it’s difficult to say, whether Riga had some really sharp moments or not, except, the one on the 9th minute.

In the second period Dinamo had many counter-attacks, but they were unsuccesfull, just like the attacks of Salavat Yulaev. Our defensemen did a great job helping Naumovs. On the 27th minute the puck hit Matt Ellisons’ knee. It’s not certain, whether he was able to continue the game.

Sooner or later it was suppose to happen – Salavat scored at the beginning of the third period and continued pressing. Riga, however, got a chance to play five on three, Shupler took a time-out, but it didn’t help. And in the end of the game Riga broke completely – Ufa scored three more goals. 13 seconds before the final whistle and after the fourth goal Naumovs was pulled from the net for Avotins to take his place. Assumingly, it was made for Ugis to live through the game, to feel KHLs’ atmosphere.

Salavat Yulaev – Dinamo 4:0 (0:0, 0:0, 4:0)

Goals: 44:15 Kyrill Koltcov (Taratukhin, Medvedev) 1:0, 57:56 Antipov (Kuteykin, Nurtdinov) 2:0, 58:52 Perezhogin (Radulov) 3:0, 59:47 Mikeska 4:0.

Penalties: 16 – 8

Some Highlights:

November 16, 2008

Meet the champions!

Salavat Yulaev
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev is not just a super club, it’s Russia’s current champion. And it has all chances in becoming the first champion of KHL (and also winning the Champions League). Salavat is strong in absolutely all lines. But it wasn’t always like this. In the past Salavat Yulaev never was between Russia’s top clubs. Only in the last years Ufa began investing money in hockey, so the club started progressing. In season 2005/06 Salavat finished 7th, in 06/07 – it was 3rd, and in 2007/08, for the first time in its history, Salavat Yulaev was 1st, not only in the play-offs, but also in the regular season. The team was counted as favorites from the beginning of the last season and it still is. These guys know how to get the puck in the net, they know how to defend their zone and they know that the game last 60 minutes. Salavat Yulaev will keep on fighting no matter what. It’s not by accident that the team’s head coach Sergey Mickhalev has a nickname – “silver fox” – a sly, white-haired strategist.

At the time Salavat Yulaev is placed 2nd in the Bobrov divison with only 4 points behind the leader Atlant. In the overall standing it makes Ufa 5th. That’s the whim of KHL’s calendar – the first four places goes to the winners of the divisions. So a team can be much stronger than all clubs in other divisions, but if it’s not first in its own division, than its only fifth in the tournament table, which’s not very convenient, because that makes one’s team play-off opponent stronger. And another funny thing – two best KHL teams for now are placed in one division. I mean, Atlant and Salavat Yulaev. So in the end of the regular season one of these clubs will be first in the division (and most likely in the whole league) and the second – (if nothing changes) will only be the fifth… But that’s what makes the struggle in Bobrov division so interesting.

So, Salavat Yulaev has 18 wins (1 in over-time and 1 in shoot-outs) and 6 looses (also – 1 in OT and 1 in SO) in 24 games, with 91 goals for and 47 against, which is one of the league’s best rates. Notable, Ufa scored most short-handed goal in KHL – 7 and has the highest per cent in penalty killing – 90.6 %. Dinamo Riga, by the way, scored 6 goals being SH.

Salavat’s goalkeepers – Alexandr Yeremenko and Vadim Tarasov – are considered as the best Russian goalie tandem in KHL. Tarasov didn’t play much due to an injury, so the main role is given to Yeremenko. Alexandr played 18 games – 34 goals against and 93.1% save percentage, which is best in the league.

The scoring leaders are: forwards – Alexey Tereschenko – 25 points (8+17), Alexandr Perezhogin with 23 points (17(!)+6), Alexandr Radulov – 19 (8+11), Vladimir Antipov, Vladimir Vorobyov (both – 16 pts.), also Leosh Chermak (7+5) and Andrey Taratukhin (2+9); defensemen – Kirill Koltsov – 15 (3+12), Oleg Tverdovskiy, Igor Schadilov, Vitaliy Proshkin (all – 10 points).

It’s actually hard for me to say, what waits for Dinamo Riga. Of course, any team can win their opponent, but… I’ll be honest, I don’t think Riga will gain points. Although, I must say, Dinamo’s games with Salavat Yulaev are something I’ve been waiting for. Ufa is where Dinamo will really be tested. It’s going to be difficult. But still I hope for the best and continue believing that anything’s possible!

Photos from Salavat Yulaev's official website.

Sirokovs can't wait to be back on ice

As earlier was informed, Dinamo Rigas' forward and ex-captain Aleksejs Sirokovs was left home for the teams three away games in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk and Ufa. It was rumored, that Sirokovs has a conflict with head coach Shupler.

In an interview (available only in Latvian or Russian) for Dinamos’ official homepage Aleksejs says, he was having health problems, so it was necessarily to stay in Riga for some medical check-ups. Sirokovs heart was examined, a magnetic resonance on the head and neck was taken, and also Aleksejs will need to visit a neurologist. Possible, the problems are caused due to injuries gotten in the past.

Sirokovs says he feels fine both physically and morally and is ready to play at any time, but still it is necessarily to wait for the check-up results, only then the decision about the term of Aleksejs’ coming back on the ice will be made.

Sirokovs also pointed out that it was possible to win Metallurg Magnitogrosk, that playing at Traktor's Chelyabinsk is very hard and that Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev does not need commentaries. Nonetheless, in KHL every team can win their opponents.

Photo from Dinamo official website.

November 15, 2008

Traktor – Dinamo, game review

Traktor Chelyabinsk
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to see all of Dinamo’s away games, so some reviews will be written out of information from the on-line of the match. Today the starting goalie for Dinamo was Martin Prusek, for Traktor – young Daniil Alistratov.

According to the on-line, the first period was equal, but there was more of rough gaming and – in the second part of the period – penalties, than hockey. The teams were more likely to start a fight, than to score. Grenye even tried to challenge Petrovicky, but Ronald refused.

The second period started unhappily for Traktors goalie Alistratov – he got some sort of injury, but quickly stood up and continued the game bravely. Still, it’s possible, Daniil didn’t recover so fast, because Dinamo scored, but it happened after the whistle, so the goal wasn’t counted. Further on, there was only one team on the ice – Traktor had many goal-scoring moments, they were overplaying Dinamo easily. It was the middle of the game, when Riga started to get hold of the advantage. And it wasn’t long until Dinamo finally scored. Then the spectators saw two more goals in two minutes – one for the home team and one for the visiting. The game continued in a very tensed struggle. Traktor had more moments. The nerve-strain of the game was very high.

A great start for Dinamo in the third period! Ankipans scored short-handed, tying the result! But then again… maybe it wasn’t so great… Prusek got an injury. Judging, that he left the ice only with the doctors’ help, it could be serious… Martin was changed by Sergejs Naumovs. Less than three minutes after Sergejs was in the game, Anton Glinkin gave his team the lead. It was the last goal for today. Naumovs did great the remaining time, but our players’ didn’t score. They tried, however, as hard as they could! The last minutes were very hot! The pressure kept getting higher and higher, but that was it. The siren rang, informing about Traktors’ victory.

Seems, it was a game between two worthy opponents. Dinamo had all chanses not only to gain points, but to win. But let us be objective – at the time, this club is better than Dinamo. Chelyabinsk, congratulations! But I’m sure, Dinamo will do their best to have revenge in Riga.

Sure, Dinamo needs points, but what’s more important right now – the health of Martin Prusek. We sincerely hope that Dinamos’ goalkeeper will be all right, that his injury isn’t serious and that we will see him in the nearest games!

Dinamos' next game - against Salavat Yulaev, November 17th.

Traktor – Dinamo 4:3 (1:0, 2:2, 1:1)
Goals: 03:45 Skachkov (Zavarukhin, PP) 1:0, 22:55 Kisliy (Raenko) 2:0, 32:56 Westcott (Berzins) 2:1, 34:00 Galkin (Skachkov) 3:1, 34:42 Berzins (Redlihs) 3:2, 41:07 Ankipans (Tribuncovs, SH) 3:3, 47:16 Glinkin (Raenko) 4:3.

Penalties: 18 - 10.

Sorry, there was no video feed for this game.