November 14, 2008

Free Recent Dinamo Riga Game Downloads against KHL teams

I have decided to add here torrents of recent games(videos), so people could download and see Dinamo Riga(KHL) recent games if they missed them. Here uploaded will be recent few games. Also you will be able to download here best games of the season, not only last few.

P.S If there is missing some recent game, that means I could not find a torrent to it or it .

First of all you need to download uTorrent from here , then click to download torrent file from here of your choice and open it with uTorrent.
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - Dinamo Riga (03.11.2008) DD*, download:

Part 1 here;
Part 2 here;
Part 3 here;

Enter the code and press Скачать, if you have any questions, you are welcome to e-mail me.

Dinamo Riga - Metallurg Magnitogorsk (27.11.2008), download torrent here.

Dinamo Riga - Traktor Chelyabinsk (26.11.2008), download torrent here.

Dinamo Riga - Lada Tolyatti (24.11.2008), download torrent here.

Dinamo Riga - Metallurg Magnitogorsk (13.11.2008), download torrent here (Movie size 1.5GB)

Dinamo Riga - Neftenikhimik Nizhnekamsk (29.10.2008), download torrent here (Movie size 4.89GB)

Dinamo Riga - Lada Tolyatti (27.10.2008), download torrent here (Movie size 1.1GB)

Dinamo Riga - AK Bars Kazan (26.10.2008)/at Espoo/, download torrent here(Movie size 1.3GB)

Footage will be updated after every Dinamo Riga game.

If you have any questions regarding download, you are free to add a comment below.

*-DD-Direct Download


Anonymous said...

please put dinamo vs. traktor. thank u very much.

Liene said...

please put Dinamo - Salavat Julajev (29.11)

violator said...

I will add it today.

zanko said...

Please, can you put the latest games like Dinamo Riga vs Traktor, Dinamo vs Salavat Julajev (29.11)? It would be nice.

Liene said...

could you put all dinamo riga december games? please!

Anonymous said...

plzzzz out torrent of game dinamo riga -sibirj 20.02.09