November 26, 2008

Dinamo - Traktor, game review

Dinamo Riga Vs.
Traktor Chelyabinsk

Sirokovs was finally in the line-up today, Gints Meija yet wasn’t. The goalkeepers were Prusek for Dinamo and for Traktor both of its goaltenders played – Mylnikov and Alistratov.

Just like in the previous game, Dinamo had a chance to open the result on the first minute and was attacking in the beginning. But this time Riga FINALLY did it – our team scored! Hartigan, 1:0 at 04:00. Riga continued offending. At 05:54 Cipulis got 2+10 for checking from the behind. Traktor was able to get in Dinamo’s zone and had some nice moments, but Prusek was great. At 09:11 Sirokovs got 2+2 for checking Traktor’s player. Guests didn’t do much, they hit the cross-bar once, but Hossa once even ran one-on-one. After Dinamo was at full-strength, Traktor’s Galkin got 2 minutes for boarding Nizivijs. Then Riga got a chance to play five on three for 22 seconds and Kristaps Sotnieks scored his first goal for Dinamo – a great snap shot from Hartigan’s pass! Riga had some more moments before the break; especially notable was the one, when Dinamo had to get the puck into the net as it was empty. A great game for the home team in the first twenty minutes!

At the beginning of the second period Darzins got a 3:0 from the front of the net! Then it looked like the game became calmer, but Traktor’s players began to get nervous. Piganovich got 2+2 for kneeing (against Novak) and roughing. During this PP Cipulis, Tribuncovs were close to score, Hossa – twice. Mylnikov was excellent! At 28:37 Dinamo was left short-handed, but didn’t let Traktor do much. The remaining time Dinamo confidently controlled the puck and the game; Sirokovs, Ankipans had a chance to score, but Hossa after some unsuccessful shots managed – right in the empty net – 4:0!

Traktor changed their goalie for the third period – Danila Alistratov took the place in the net. Still everything was clear in this game. A miracle had to happen for the result to change in Traktor’s favor. Dinamo continued having advantage. At 46:28 Galvins and Cipulis arranged Riga’s fifth goal after a beautiful two-on-one combination. After – Dinamo continued attacking and just enjoyed the game. In the last minutes Traktor was a little more active, trying to score a prestige goal, but they didn’t succeed. The game ended 5:0 – a beautiful win for Dinamo!

Today Dinamo Riga really did great! The team showed the kind of hockey, which the fans always await from it. Every player did his best for the victory, still I’ll name some, who were one’s of the best – Darzins, Hossa, also Cipulis, Sirokovs and match MVP – Tribuncovs, and certainly – goalkeeper Martin Prusek, who had a zero-match today. Of course, Traktor didn’t show its best, it can do and it is a much better team, than it was today, but still – for Dinamo it was a very important and necessary win, no matter how bad the opponent played.

Dinamo’s next game is tomorrow, November 27th, with Magnitogorsk’s Metallurg (right now placed 6th). The first game between these teams Dinamo lost 3:5. I’ll be honest, I don’t think Riga will win (ok, it’s possible and maybe the club will gain points tomorrow, but as to the next game after Metallurg, with Salavat Yulaev – I doubt it), but I’m sure Dinamo will show a good, worthy and effective game in both matches.

Dinamo - Traktor 5:0 (2:0, 2:0, 1:0)

Goals: 04:00 Hartigan (Nizivij) 1:0, 15:21 Sotnieks (Tribuncovs, Hartigan, PP2) 2:0, 21:57 Darzins 3:0, 38:25 Hossa (Ellison, Lavins) 4:0, 46:28 Cipulis (Galvins) 5:0.
Penalties: 28-20.

Some moments from the game:

Download video (torrent) from this game here.

Pictures taken from esports.

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