November 30, 2008

Dinamo - Salavat Yulaev, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Salavat Yulaev Ufa

Sorry for being late with the review! We along with some other fans had a little party after the game, so it was impossible to write the review in time :-)

So, it was a great hockey night. The atmosphere in the Arena was wonderful. Of course, it had to do with the fact, that the visiting team was the mighty Salavat, but still the gotten emotions were (and still are) great. Ok, about the game: it was a spectacular, high-speed match. The starting goalies were: for Salavat – Tarasov, who was also in the net in the previous game, for Dinamo – Prusek, who was changed by Naumovs in the third period due to an injury.

Salavat Yulaev took the initiative right from the starting minutes. On the third – Sirokovs got a penalty, which Salavat didn’t fulfill but had some nice moments. On the 8th minute a great chance to score had Cipulis. Some seconds after Nizivijs and Hartigan along with Radulov all went to the penalty-box in order to cool their ardor. Riga again was short-handed and this time Ufa’s players scored and a very beautiful goal it was: Mikeska from the blue line gave the puck to Chermak, who made a loop and then passed on Vladimir Antipov, who was precise. It’s like there were no Dinamo players at all! A few minutes later Dinamo got a power-play, but it was catastrophic – not only Hartigan didn’t use his chance, but also, after a mistake of Riga’s players, the team missed a second goal: Aleksandr Perezhogin ran two-on-one with Aleksei Tereshchenko, Aleksandr passed on his partner and 2:0! Well, Salavat Yulaev was and still is the best team in scoring while being SH. Less than a minute later Dinamo is in Ufa’s zone, Novak shoots – Tarasov repealed, Chermak (I think) didn’t catch the puck, but Ankipans did – and 1:2! Before the break the teams had a one more penalty each.

On second periods 5th minute Sidyakin skated into Dinamo’s zone, dropped the puck for Radulov and Aleksandr made a 3:1 for his team! After – the game became a little calmer. On 32nd minute Sirokovs and Radulovs got penalties for roughing. Being four-on-four Dinamo was more active. Later Riga got a double power-play (Ufa got 2 minutes for having too many players on the ice, but some moments later – Proshkin received a 2+10). The home team didn’t have much goal-scoring chances during this PP.

Riga started the last twenty minutes actively, but still the team wasn’t so fresh anymore. Salavat was better. In the middle of the period Radulov accidently hit Martin Prusek, who had to leave the ice. Naumovs took his place. Undarstanding that Sergejs had no time to limber, Salavat went attacking, but no luck this time. Next – Dinamo moved into Salavat’s zone and Darzins, Berzins and M. Redlihs had a great shift: Darzins being behind the net, close to the field corner gave the puck to Berzins, who was completely free in front of the net – 2:3! Riga had some more opportunities to tie the game, but the result didn’t change anymore.
I must say, Dinamo did very good this game. 2:3 is a very worthy result. It was obvious, how much better and high-classed was and is Salavat Yulaev. I think this game, despite the defeat, is valuable, once again, for a moral boost.

This home-game series, in my opinion, turned out quite successful. Dinamo Riga got 4 points; the goal difference is 8-6. Not the best statistics, but the team showed good hockey, that’s important.

About Prusek. According to unofficial information, Martin’s injury is serious, possible – he has a concussion and will have to miss the next games. Hopefully, Martin will be all right. He plays really well right now. He missed 5 goals in these four games (the 6th, from the shot-outs in the game with Metallurg, doesn’t count), that’s not bad at all. Martin is progressing. I’ve seen him play for Spartak and he was good, but not as good as he is in Dinamo. He really drags the team in some moments. The trainers trust him, so I’m sure Prusek can do even better. The sooner he gets back in shape the better.

Riga’s next game will be on December 3rd, when Dinamo will be visiting Yaroslavl’s Lokomotiv.

Dinamo – Salavat 2:3 (1:2, 0:1, 1:0)

Goals: 09:22 Antipov (Chermak, Mikeska, PP) 0:1, 13:57 Tereshchenko (Perezhogin, SH) 0:2, 14:31 Ankipans (Ellison, Novak) 1:2, 24:26 Radulov (Sidyakin) 1:3, 54:30 Berzins (Darzins, Westcott) 2:3.

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