November 9, 2008

Dinamo Riga - Liepajas Metalurgs

Dinamo Riga - Liepajas Metalurgs

During free time Dinamo Riga had friendly against current top Latvian team that plays in Latvian championship. This game was in honor of Liepajas Metalurgs 10 year existence. Some of people here in Latvia considered it as derby between top Latvian teams, but in my opinion it was only an exibition match for the fans.

In this game participation had all Dinamo Riga top players, only Ronald Petrovicky was not paricipating. There was no TV broadcasting for this game, only game was viewable in Liepajas Sports Hall, where hall could hold up to 3000 attendors. People said that the game was really tight. For my surprise Armands Berzins finaly scored a goal, maybe he will be further more dangerous in front of the net.

Here are some highlights from this game:

SK Liepajas Metalurgs - Dinamo Riga 5:6 (1:1, 3:1, 1:3, shootout 1-0)
Goals: 8:26 Berzins (Hosa, Ankipans) 0:1, 14:14 Kurnigin (Zembergs,Chirkovs) 1:1, 22:06 Brahmanis (Mihailovs) 2:1, 32:23 Ankipans (Hossa) 2:2, 37:55 Mamonovs (Ozols, Feldmanis) 3:2, 38:38 Brahmanis (Mihailovs) 4:2, 40:50 Cipulis (Sirokovs) 4:3, 41:18 Gorshkovs 5:3, 46:15 Ankipans (Novak, PP.) 5:4, 57:05 Elisons (Hossa, Ankipans) 5:5.

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