December 31, 2008

Happy New year!!!

Dinamo Riga Blog wishes everybody a very happy New year!!!

May it be successful and a bit easier than the last year! :-)

Purchase of domain name

We had recently bought a new domain name , now it will be more easy for you to remember the place of this blog on world-wide-web. Our first choice for domain name was, wich was not taken week ago, now that I wanted to register it, somebody had already taken it. Pitty...

So the additional domain name for this blog is:

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December 29, 2008

Prusek - last weeks best goalie

Dinamo Riga player Martin Prusek has been named last weeks best goalkeeper once again!

Besides, Prusek has the most shutout games played in KHL among all goalies – considering the matches in Spartak Moscow and Dinamo Riga this number is 7. Two times in Spartak – against Dinamo Minsk (2:0) and Traktor Chelyabinsk (4:0), and a whole five times in Dinamo Riga – also against Traktor (5:0), against Ak Bars Kazan (2:0), Lada Tolyatti (1:0), Avangard Omsk (2:0) and Baris Astana (1:0).

Currently Martin Prusek is placed 3rd in the overall goalkeeper standings of KHL with an average 2.48 goal against and a 90.6% of saves. You can find the full statistics here.

We are very proud of our goalkeeper here in Riga. Congratulations, Martin, and keep it up like this! :-)

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December 28, 2008

Dinamo - Baris, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Baris Astana

Baris Astana was placed 13th for this game, Dinamo Riga – 14th with only one point difference. The goalkeepers were Martin Prusek and Marc Lamothe.

The teams exchanged attacks on the first minute. On the second – Lauris Darzins had a nice moment, but he threw the puck way over the net. Then the teams became to play more carefully, but the attacks were still dangerous. Dynamo was more active the next minutes – had two moments in a row, but Riga’s players off-side and luck saved Baris. Then Riga got a power-play, however, theguests defended very well. After – Baris was in Dinamos zone more, but without any good shots. Riga’s counter-attacks were more dangerous. On the last minutes the teams started to show open hockey once again. Lauris Darzins had a good opportunity, but the shot was inaccurate. On 19:10 Girts Ankipans received a penalty. Baris was very close to score, even hit the post once, but Dinamo held out.

Dinamo Riga was still short-handed in the beginning of the next period and this time defended the net properly. Several moments later the home team was already in PP, but the guests were good in the defence as well. Then Mikelis Redlihs skated in front of the net and got another power-play for his team. Probably, the most notable moment was created by Mark Hartigan. Being at full-strength Baris consolidated in Dinamos’ zone, Prusek had much work, Olegs Sorokins got 2 minutes. Baris was close to score a minimum three times. Martin Prusek was terrific. After – the home team was in Baris’ zone all the time, but it was pointless, as no real goal-scoring chances were made, not even in the first PP, which Dinamo got during their attacks. But when Riga got the second one on 38:38, Atvars Tribuncovs with a mighty shot from the blue line finally opened the result! 1:0 – after the second period.

Baris had a chance to play in PP two times in a row right at the beginning of the third twenty minutes. They didn’t turn the first one into a goal and almost let Dinamo to score for about three times during the second. Luck wasn’t on Dinamo’s side. After that the game became more carefull, as the teams needed to calm down a little. On the 9th minute Marcel Hossa didn’t use a 100% moment – Marcel was left alone in front of the net, received the puck, but couldn’t overplay Lamothe. Then Mikelis Redlihs had a nice chance as well, but Marc Lamothe was great once again! After – Hossa got a penalty in Baris’ zone. The away team had chances, but Martin Prusek was playing calm and cold-blooded. On the 14th minute Lauris Darzins run one on one with Marc Lamothe – the goalkeeper was wonderful. The away team answered with an attack, Prusek was in his place. The clubs continued exchanging attacks, both goalie worked wonders, especially Lamothe, as Dinamo offended more dangerously. Baris got a penalty on the last minute. The guests didn’t pull the goalkeeper out, so Dinamo won this match!

This game was harder than yesterdays, both teams weren’t so fresh, but that’s understandable. I think Baris earned points as well today, but Dinamo was a little better (maybe even only in the last period) and a little luckier today, as well as Martin Prusek was in his style, which allowed Dinamo Riga to gain those necessary 3 points.

Dinamo Riga - Baris Astana (0:0, 1:0, 0:0)

Goals: 38:57 Atvars Tribuncovs (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, Martins Cipulis, PP) 1:0.
Penalties: 10 -12.

Chat section added!

Hi, I just added chat section, you are welcome to use it. See top right corner or click here.

There will be game today between Baris Astana, you are welcome to join us and chat, no registration needed. :)

December 27, 2008

Dinamo - Khimik, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Khimik Voskresensk

The goalies were Martin Prusek and Andrei Vasilyev.

The start for Dinamo Riga was great – Matt Ellison opened the result already on the 25th second of the match! It seemed this could have been the start of a major crushing of Khimik, but it wasn’t so. Even though Dinamo began so well, Khimik showed very soon, that it didn’t come to Riga for losing. The visiting team didn’t let Dinamo to feel free in their zone, what’s more – Khimik attacked itself (dangerously I must say) and thanks to that (and to the week actions of Dinamo players) was able to tie the result very soon! After that Voskresensk club continued to offense, but then the game became equal. Both teams attacked, but without result; both teams had a chance to play in power-play, but also with no result.

The second period was similar. Dinamo got a PP on the 3rd minute and scored. But the joy wasn’t long. 52 seconds later the score-board already showed a 2:2. The teams continued attacking. Dinamo Riga had absolutely no luck in scoring; Khimik Voskresensk didn’t score thanks to Prusek and sometimes to our defenders.

The pressure was getting stronger in the last twenty minutes. Dinamo had more chances to score in the first half of the period. Then – the teams exchanged penalties, which none of the clubs used properly. On the 9th minute Aleksandrs Nizivijs gave Dinamo the lead, making the fans explode from delight. After that Dinamo was left short-handed, but held out. Khimik tried to tie the result as hard as it could, but Dinamo controlled the puck more and didn’t let the opponent to create many moments. On the pre-last minute Dinamo scored its 4th goal and nobody else doubted that it was the victory.

Well… to be honest, Dinamo Riga didn’t look so good in this match. The players sometimes looked slow, withered and had problems in working with the puck from time to time. After the last matches Dinamo Riga had, with the game it showed, and also after such a fast goal in this match, it’s possible the team was in euphoria and thought it will win a team like Khimik (with all respect) with no problems. But Dinamo Riga is not such a high-classed club to allow it thinking so. In fact, even major clubs can’t think like that. Well, whatever, but if Dinamo Riga wants to get points (I’m not even talking about winning) in the next game, which is tomorrow against Baris Astana, it has to play much more better than it did today, it has to play carefully and intently. It’s going to be ve-ery hard, but Dinamo needs points, so we hope our team will do its best tomorrow.
Some highlights:

Dinamo Riga – Khimik Voskresensk 4:2 (1:1, 1:1, 2:0)

Goals: 00:25 Matt Ellison (Marcel Hossa, Krisjanis Redlihs) 1:0, 04:57 Viktor Bobrov (Sergei Luchinkin, Maksim Galkin) 1:1, 23:03 Marcel Hossa (Filip Novak, PP) 2:1, 23:55 Maksim Galkin (Aleksandr Kozhevnikov, Sergei Luchinkin) 2:2, 48:22 Aleksandr Nizivijs (Mark Hartigan) 3:2, 58:04 Martins Cipulis (Mark Hartigan, Aleksandrs Nizivijs) 4:2.

Penalties: 10 – 10.

December 25, 2008

Dinamo - Khimik, preview

Dinamo Riga vs.
Khimik Voskresensk

Founded in 1953, Khimik (or Chemist in English) Voskresensk is one of the models of soviet hockey, but the current Khimik isn’t the same club as was the former Voskresensk team. The real Khimik moved to Mytischi in 2005 and carries the name of Atlant right now.

Voskresensk wasn’t left without a team. In the same 2005 a new club was based with the same historical name – Khimik. So it’s right to consider year 2005 as the birth of the Khimik Voskresensk as we know it.

That season the yellow-blue’s played in Russia’s second league – Visshaya Liga (a.k.a. Russian Supreme League or High-league), where they got to the quarter finals. Next year the team played in the finals and gained silver medals. Thanks to that, Khimik had to play in the Superleague next season, but due to some obstacles, the club was forced to stay in the Supreme league. In season 2007/08 Khimik won gold, but, the Superleague was turned into the KHL and Khimik’s participation in it wasn’t provided.

However, the team from Voskresensk got the opportunity to play in the KHL, as one other club (Yekaterinburg’s Avtomobilist) was compelled to take its participation out of the league right before the start of the season.

Having the lowest budget, Khimik Voskresensk took the chance to enter the KHL. Nobody actually considered the team as a serious opponent for other clubs. Right now Khimik is placed 23rd with 28 points and with 84 goals for and 129 against. Despite that the team is an outsider, it’s a very uneasy opponent for any team. Other clubs usually fight very hard for the points.

The first game with Khimik wasn’t so simple for Dinamo Riga either – only a 2:1 win. However, considering how Riga is playing right now and the fact that this match will be on home ice, Dinamo should be able to take three points.

Khimik’s goalkeepers – Alexei Egorov and Andrei Vasilyev – both play an equal amount of time. The team doesn’t have super-class players, but still has its leaders – forwards Viktor Gordiyuk with 19 points, Aleksandr Romanov with 13, Denis Kartsev and Sergey Luchinkin both with 12 points.

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!! :-)

When things are dark, there’s always a light in it somewhere. It’s near – it could be the Christmas tree, it could be the fire place, or it could be even closer – inside of you. Christmas is the time to search for this light. So do it. Find the light in your way, as each and every soul has one. If you don’t find it now, keep searching and keep believing. Having faith and believe can make people do great things.

Dinamo Riga Hockey blog wishes all our readers a BRIGHT and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thank You for being with us!

Dinamo - Avangard, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Avangard Omsk

The goalkeepers for the game were Martin Prusek and Alexandr Fomichev.

Dinamo Riga had started very obstinately and got a power-play on the 2nd minute (Anton Kuryanov for high-sticking), but it wasn’t easy for Dinamo to get in Avangards’ zone, and the moments weren’t so dangerous. The game was rather equal after, with just a little Omsk’s advantage. On the 9th minute Avangard got its second penalty, but Dinamo did nothing worthy. Two seconds after the guests were at full strength, Krisjanis Redlihs left Dinamo short-handed, but Avangard also didn’t do anything dangerous in front of Martin Prusek’s net. Omsk had its first real goal-scoring moment on the 17th minute, when the players had several very dangerous shots, but the puck hit the post, when one of Avangards players had to get it in the net. Then – Kristaps Sotnieks received a penalty, but Dinamo Riga defended well and that was it for the first period.

The second twenty minutes began with a strong Avangard Omsk pressure, but Dinamo held out. On the 5th minute Aigars Cipruss skated into the zone and after a wonderful shot opened the result! On the next attack one of Avangard players hit the post once again. But Dinamo Riga after scoring went forward. Avangard Omsk got 4 penalties the next 10 minutes. Dinamo had the advantage and so-o-o many goal-scoring opportunities, but none was used. Ok, the shots weren’t the most dangerous ones and the goalie didn’t do wonders, but still Dinamo had to score… The home team got a penalty itself two minutes before the break (Mark Hartigan for boarding). Omsk, however, didn’t turn their power-play into a goal.

The third period started like the second – with Avangard’s attacks, and once again Dinamo held out and what’s more – scored its second goal – Matt Ellison after a perfect Marcel Hossa pass! Nothing else was left for Avangard except going forward and trying to score. Omsk had some dangerous attacks, but Martin Prusek was great in the net. Riga, however, also answered with counter-attacks from time to time. On the 14th minute thanks to the activity of Dinamo, Omsk’s Pavel Rossa got a minor penalty. Riga’s players didn’t try so hard to score; they just controlled the puck calmly. Two minutes before the serene, Fomichev was pulled out. Avangard tried to score at least a prestige-goal, but couldn’t. Prusek and team were great. It wasn’t so principle for Dinamo players to hit the empty net, they just tried to be with the puck more and out of their zone, where there was no threat for Martin Prusek. The serene got lost in the spectators ovation.

It was really a great game in Dinamo Riga’s performance – correct, calm and beautiful. Oh, and Martin Prusek, who was named best in Dinamo, - that’s something! A real hero indeed. The fans called up his name a minimum of three times during the game. Avangard Omsk, on the other hand, wasn’t bright at all. The team wasn’t fast, wasn’t aggressive. Dinamo was better today, that’s a fact, and won deservingly (that sounds so great, especially after wins against so high-classed teams! :-)). Well, a great gift for the filled to overflowing Arena and for all those fans in front of their TV’s for Christmas this game was!

Some Highlights:

Dinamo Riga - Avangard Omsk 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 24:06 Aigars Cipruss (Atvars Tribuncovs) 1:0, 44:20 Matt Ellison (Marcel Hossa) 2:0.

Penalties: 6 - 14.

Dinamos next game - saturday, December 27th, against Voskresensk's Khimik.

December 23, 2008

Petrovicky out

Forward Ronald Petrovicky has left Dinamo Riga, as informs clubs official website.

Petrovicky had participated in 30 games, where he scored 2 goals and gave 3 assists, as well as got 49 penalty minutes. Ronald had played about 11 minutes and 36 seconds in a match and had made 31 shots (6.5 % shot realization) with a 30.2% of won face-offs.

December 22, 2008

First lines of All-star game announced

Here's how the starting lines of KHL's first All-star game will look:


Goalkeeper Alexandr Eremenko (Salavat Yulaev, Ufa) - 18738 votes; defenders Ilya Nikulin (Ak Bars, Kazan) - 24854, Vitaliy Proshkin (Salavat Yulaev) - 23026; forwards Alexei Morozov (Ak Bars) - 44549, Danis Zaripov (Ak Bars) - 37279, Maxim Sushinski (SKA, St. Petersburg) - 25839.


Goalkeeper Robert Esche (SKA) - 32712, defenders Raimon Giroux (SKA) - 28548, Kevin Dallman (Baris, Astana) - 26869; forwards Pavel Brandl (Torpedo, Nizhniy Novgorod) - 41570, Toni Mortenson (Ak Bars) - 35266, Jan Marek (Metallurg, Magnitogorsk) - 34032.

The All-star game will be held on January 10, on the Red Scuare in Moscow. You can find more information about this match here (in English ;-)).

We're reminding, that Jaromir Jagr, captain of Jagr-team, had choses Dinamo Riga forward Marcel Hossa to be in his team independently from the voting.

Team Latvia finishes 5th

Latvian team in an international tournament “Poliese Cup 2009”, which was held in Belarus, finished 5th out of a 6 team competition. The teams were divided into 2 groups. Latvia was in group A with Belarus and France, but in group B were Ukraine, Denmark and Poliese team – a team consisting of players from Belarus clubs Gomel and Metallurg Zhlobin.

Latvia lost the first match to Belarus 1:2. Goal for Latvia was scored by Krisjanis Redlihs. The goalkeeper was Ervins Mustukovs. The second game against France Latvia also lost – 1:4. The only goal for our team was scored by Mikelis Redlihs. The goalie was Edgars Lusins from Riga2000. In both games goal assistants were Armands Berzins and Juris Stals. In the game for the 5th place Latvia defeated Polesie team with 4:3 in over-time. Goals were scored by Janis Andersons (Sergejs Pecura, Viktors Blinovs), Mikelis Redlihs, Vladislavs Vodolazskis (Sergej Pecura) and Gints Meija (Elvis Zelubovskis, Edgars Brancis). Mustukovs was in the net.

Head coach Oleg Znarok had brought, you can say, an experimental team for this tournament. Team Latvia was without its leaders and veterans. This tournament was a debut for most of the players, who just outgrew their junior age and are beginning to enter the “real” hockey life. So it’s no tragedy that Latvia finished so low. I think our team performed well, considering the lack of experience of many players, including the goalies. It’s significant, that Znarok is beginning to include the young ones in the national team, as they are our hockey future and it’s important for them to feel through the atmosphere of playing in the national team.

Marcel Hossa scores for Slovakia

Dinamo Riga forward Marcel Hossa 3 seconds before the final serene has brought victory for his national team in a control match against Switzerland – 3:2, allowing Slovakia to have revenge after a 0:1 loss in the first match between these teams.

Marcel Hossa had played both games in one line with two other KHL players from Spartak MoscowBranko Radivoevich and Shtefan Ruzhichka.

Hossa is currently the top scorer in Dinamo Riga with 26 (15+11) points in 32 games.

Information and photo from

December 20, 2008


Dinamo Riga vs.
Avangard Omsk

Avangard Omsk is one of Russia’s most successful clubs in the recent years. It has become the champion of Russia in season 2003/04, in season 05/06 Avangard Omsk won silver medals, in 06/07 – bronze. But the last season definitely wasn’t the best for Avangard – the team finished 10th.

This season isn’t going so good either. Avangard Omsk is currently placed 11th and 2nd in the Harlamov Division, in which also plays Dinamo Riga. Only 5 points separates Dinamo and Avangard in the division – Omsk has 53, Riga – 48.

Everyone are used to see Avangard Omsk as a strong team, that is placed in the leaders, but this year the club isn’t actually such a super team… Yes, it has Jaromir Jagr and other Czech players, it has some awesome Russian players, but they aren’t so great for keeping their team in the top of the tournament table. The defense and also goalkeeper lines are not very stable. But Jaromir Jagr can’t drag the team all by himself.

Omsk’s team another and, in my opinion, the main problem is psychological. Avangard Omsk is the team, where played Alexei Cherepanov, whose death in October shocked the whole world… After such a tragedy it’s very difficult to think about hockey and concentrate on playing, even if some time has already passed since it. It is hard for Avangard’s players, but they are continuing playing and trying their best to gain victories. You know the old saying – only real man play hockey.

November and the beginning of December were catastrophic for Avangard Omsk – only one win and only after shot-out (against Khimik Voskresensk), the rest 6 games Avangard lost with a -16 goal difference…

The last games, however, showed that the team is improving its result – Avangard confidently won three games before the break – 5:2 with Severstal Cherepovets, 3:1 with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and 5:1 against St. Petersburg’s SKA. I honestly hope that Avangard will keep it this way.

Dinamo Riga has met with Avangard two times this season in Omsk and had a 3:2 victory and a 0:3 defeat.

So, besides Jaromir Jagr (19+22), other teams’ goal-scoring leaders are forwards Dmitri Pestunov – only 4 goals, but 28 assists, Yakub Klepish (10+14), Anton Kuryanov (7+14), Alexandr Popov (8+12).

The situation with the goalkeepers isn’t so clear. Avangard had recently given up their number one keeper John Graham, who, it seems, didn’t satisfy the club management. So the club is looking for a new goalie-foreigner right now. The other two goalkeepers are Alexandr Fomichev, who has 7 wins and 4 looses and 88.3% of save percentage, and Yevgeniy Tsaregorodcev, who played very little and has 2 wins and 2 looses.

December 16, 2008

Edgars Masalskis Recovered

Recently Edgars Masalskis had recovered from an off-ice fight. Now he is preparing his self for ''Polesje'' Cup, which will be held in Belarus from 18. December - 20. December where will be playing national teams(France, Denmark, Ukrain, Belarus, Belarus-2). It is possible when Edgars Masalskis will play his first match after his infamous fight in bar. He is currently contracted to Riga 2000. In my opinion he is currently not needed for Dinamo Riga because Dinamo Riga already have Martin Prusek who is playing great latley and Sergejs Naumovs.

Also two players who are contracted to Dinamo Riga will particapate next week in U-20 World Cup, which will be held in Canada, they are Ronalds Cinks and Nauris Enkuzens.

Players from Dinamo Riga, who will be participating in ''Polesje'' Cup:

Edgars Masalskis
Ervins Mustukovs

Kristaps Sotnieks
Krisjanis Redlihs

Mikelis Redlihs
Armands Berzins
Gints Meija
Lauris Darzins

Also Marcel Hossa has been called up for his duties for Slovakian national team, he will play two games against Swizterland.

I think when theese games will be good for Dinamo Riga players, because they will have some game practice, before Dinamo Riga home games.

Duvie Westcott suspended for additional 2 games

In game against Tolyatti Lada Duvie Westcott earned 25 minute penalty for fighting after the end of the game. He already received suspended for 1 game, but now after KHL investigation he received additional 2 game suspension. He already missed 1 game when Dinamo Riga played against Neftekhimik Niznekamsk. Now he will miss games against Avangard Omsk (24. December) and Khimik Voskresensk (27.December). That's bad, because I think when he is best defenceman for Dinamo Riga.
Picture taken from

Martin Prusek 3-time MVP

As we earlier informed, Martin Prusek received most votes from users and was voted as player of the week. Now as states official KHL home page, he has also received most votes from KHL officials and was voted as KHL goalkeeper of the week, Prusek played 2 games last week and he concerned only one goal in these 2 games. Also as you have propably noticed, he aslo received most votes from our blog readers as November MVP, he received 251 votes, second came Aleksandrs Nizivijs with 124 votes. So that means Prusek recently was voted 3 times as MVP, congratulations! Martin Prusek is currently 5th in wins category with 15 wins in 31 games.
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Dinamo Riga Blog updates

Hi, I did not long time post here because last week I had 3 exams in university till the end of February I don't have anything actually to do so I will mostly concentrate my time on this blog. Recently all the work did mostly aglo. I am now free and ready to upgrade this blog. I have added chat box to this blog(See right), feel free to chat, I will also buy soon real domain name, I am thinking about, what do you think about it? Hopefully papa from Dinamo Forums will add English section in his Forum. I am planing till March to add regulary atleast 2 posts a day, so stay tuned.

Yours Violator

December 14, 2008

Martin Prusek - last week MVP

Dinamo Riga goalkeeper Martin Prusek was chosen as the best last week’s player by the KHL management, and also in the voting on Martin received 37.4% votes.

Dinamo goalie took the place in the net in three games and held victory in all of them, besides two games (with Ak Bars Kazan and Lada Tolyatti) were zero ones, but in the match with Neftekhimik Prusek missed just one goal.

In KHL’s overall goalkeeper standings Martik Prusek is currently placed 5th with a 90.1% of blocked shots.

What else is notable – the first Dinamo Riga goal in Ak Bars’ net, organized by Girts Ankipans, Marcel Hossa and Armands Berzins, was admitted as the best in the TOP 5 of the week.

December 11, 2008

Neftekhimik - Dinamo, review

Neftekhimik Niznekamsk
vs. Dinamo Riga

Nehftekhimik Niznekamsk was placed 11th for this match with 51 points. The goalies were Sergey Khoroshun and Martin Prusek.

The on-line was again poor. The result was opened on the 4th minute by the home team. On the 7th Neftekhimik was left short-handed, Dinamo Riga didn’t get any dividends from that and got a penalty itself on the 9th minute (Marcel Hossa for high-sticking). The visiting team held out. Dinamo got another 2 minutes on the 18th minute (Kristaps Sotnieks for slashing). Lucky for Dinamo, the home team didn’t score, otherwise Neftekhimik would have provided themselves with a rather comfortable result before the break.

The second period was a penalty period. On the 24th minute Dinamo Riga once again was SH – Olegs Sorokins for holding. Less than two minutes after – another 2 minutes for the visiting team (Mark Hartigan). On 29:07 – Neftekhimik’s Sergey Anshakov for hooking. 22 seconds later – Kristaps Sotnieks. Two and a half minutes later – Mark Hartigan, on 36:58 – Sotnieks again. 30 seconds later – Yevgeniy Ryasenskiy. On 38:51 Andrey Telyukin was penalized for tripping and 16 seconds later (53 seconds before the serene) Matt Ellison tied the result!

On 41:18 Sergey Arekayev received a minor penalty for hooking, on 42:56 – Mikelis Redlihs went to the penalty box, as Dinamo had too many players on the ice. On the 46th minute Martins Cipulis gave Dinamo Riga the lead – 2:1! Three minutes later Armands Berzins left Dinamo SH. But on the 53rd minute Dinamo got a power-play. Neftekhimik stood out. 15 seconds before the serene they took a time-out, pulled the goalie out and Dinamo Riga scored into the empty net – a 1:3 win for the visiting team!

Neftekhimik Niznekamsk – Dinamo Riga 1:3 (1:0, 0:1, 0:2)

Goals: 3:38 Denis Kochtekov (Tomash Starosta) 1:0, 39:07 Matt Ellison (Atvars Tribuncovs, Mark Hartigan, PP) 1:1, 45:31 Martins Cipulis (Aleksandr Nizivijs) 1:2, 59:56 Lauris Darzins (Rodrigo Lavins, Marcel Hossa) 1:3.

Penalties: 12 – 18.

Dinamo Riga won its third game in a row. During this away tour Dinamo got 12 points out of a possible 15 – this is more than a great result – and ended this part of the championship in a wonderful mood! There’s going to be a small break in the KHL in a few days, but for Dinamo today was the last game before it. Riga’s next games will be at home, and they are starting with a match against Avangard Omsk on Christmas, December 24th.

P.S. So very sorry, we aren’t writing game previews right now. :-)

December 9, 2008

Lada - Dinamo, review

Lada Tolyatti
Vs. Dinamo Riga

There was no video for the game, so the only information stream was the poor on-line.

For this match Lada Tolyatti was placed 17th in the overall standings and 4th in the Harlamov division with 40 points, right after Dinamo Riga, which had 42 points. The first two games between these teams Dinamo lost without even scoring a goal – 0:6 and 0:1. The goalkeepers for the game were Vasiliy Koshechkin for Lada and Martin Prusek for Dinamo.

The home team was left short-handed already on the 34th second – an active start for Dinamo Riga, but the result wasn’t opened. On 2:59 Ronald Petrovicky was penalized for high-sticking. No goal for Lada either. Tolyatti club got another chance for a power-play on the 10th minute. In the end of the period the teams got 2 minutes each: in Dinamo – Kristaps Sotnieks for slashing and Evgeniy Bodrov in Lada for roughing.

Nothing notable happened in the second period until the 8th minute, when Marcel Hossa went to the penalty box. Dinamo had 12 second left being SH, when Lada got a penalty (Alexandr Chernikov for tripping). After another 25 seconds Rodrigo Lavins got a minor penalty for interference. On 32:51 Dinamo Riga’s captain got another 2 minutes for the same violation – interference. That was it for the second twenty minutes.

The visiting team was once again left SH – Aleksandrs Nizivijs for hooking. Then, on the 7th minute, Lada’s player Stepan Zaharchuk got 2 minutes for tripping and Dinamo Riga scored!! The first goal for Dinamo in Lada’s net in the history of KHL and the history of Dinamo Riga was scored by none other than Marcel Hossa. The team from Riga couldn’t get the puck in Tolyatti teams net for 8 periods (!!) and 7 more minutes. The next notable thing for the game report happened on 56:48 – Lauris Darzins left Dinamo short-handed, giving Lada a nice chance to tie the result. But the home team didn’t score. Pulling the goalie out didn’t help either. Dinamo Riga finally won Lada Tolyatti, 1:0!

Dinamo's next game - December 11th with Neftehimik from Niznekamsk.

Lada Tolyatti - Dinamo Riga (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: 47:03 Marcel Hossa (Kristaps Sotnieks, PP) 0:1.

Penalties: 8 - 16.

Photos from Dinamo Riga official website.

Live Video Feed For Today's Game

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December 7, 2008

Ak Bars Kazan - Dinamo Riga, review

Ak Bars Kazan
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Once again sorry, there was no game preview. :-) You can read about one of Europe’s best club's history here, as well as visit its official homepage. By the time of this match Ak Bars with 69 points was placed 1st in the Chernishov division, which made it 2nd in the overall standings. The first match between Dinamo Riga and Ak Bars Kazan ended 3:2 for Ak Bars.

Dinamo Riga had some changes for today’s game: Filip Novak and Aleksejs Sirokovs have micro injuries, so Krisjanis Redlihs and Ronald Petrovicky took their places accordingly. It is possible, that Sirokovs will be out until Christmas, but if Novak will play in the next games, will depend on his general condition.

The goalkeepers were Martin Prusek and for Ak Bars – Stanislav Galimov.

Dinamo Riga started the game very actively and got a power-play already on the first minute, but couldn’t get any dividends from it. What’s more – Dinamo itself got a penalty (Atvars Tribuncovs), giving Ak Bars more than a minute in PP. Kazan team didn’t have dangerous shots, but they made Dinamo get another 2 minutes. The home team was in Dinamo’s zone all the time, but Prusek didn’t have much work. On 07:15 Alexandr Stepanov left his team short-handed for tripping Armands Berzins, who had a great opportunity to score several seconds later. During Dinamo’s PP nice moments were organized also by Lauris Darzins and Marcel Hossa. In the middle of the period Ronald Petrovicky shot from the center of the blue line. The shot wasn’t difficult for Stanislav Galimov to catch, but the save was very beautiful! A few moments later Dinamo Riga got another PP. During it Dinamo was in the zone all the time; nice moments had Guntis Galvins and Atvars Tribuncovs twice, but Galimov was great. After Ak Bars was at full-strength, Dinamo Riga continued offending; Kazan answered from time to time. On the 16th minute Mikelis Redlihs had a nice wraparound, but Galimov was in his place. On the last minutes Ak Bars Kazan became more active and on 18:12 Aigars Cipruss went to the penalty box for holding. Dinamo defended well and even had a counter-attack. On the last seconds Ak Bars was very close to score, the serene didn’t let it happen.

The game in the first twenty minutes was equal; Dinamo Riga even controlled the puck more, had more shots. Shots: Ak Bars – 11, Dinamo – 17 (8-10 in the net range).

Ak Bars still had a PP in the beginning of the second period and tried to use it, but didn’t. On the 3rd minute Dinamo got a bench penalty for having too many players on the ice. Only Dmitri Kazionov had the realest moment to score, although Ak Bars was in the offense zone almost all the time. On the 8th minute Dinamo Riga again got a penalty (Petrovicky for holding). Riga held out, but Kazan’s pressure was big. And it kept getting stronger. Ak Bars players didn’t let Dinamo players to get in their zone so easy. Dinamo managed to do it on the 14th minute, had some nice shots, but Kazan players had a counter-attack after, which was very dangerous! On the 16th minute one of Ak Bars players’ was left all alone in front of the net, made a loop, but didn’t overdo Prusek. The home team’s pressure became ve-e-ery strong and it’s only logical, that Dinamo was left short-handed soon. Ak Bars attacked desperately, but Dinamo’s defenders and goalkeeper were on their best!
Ak Bars had the advantage this period, but it probably wasn’t so great for the team, because they didn’t score. Notable – Kazan had no penalties these twenty minutes. Dinamo Riga played good in my opinion (especially Prusek); otherwise the score wouldn’t still be 0:0.
The beginning of the third period was calm – the home team had one shot, which wasn’t hard for Prusek, the visiting – went in Ak Bars’ zone, but that also wasn’t dangerous for Galimov. But on the 5th minute Dinamo organized a beautiful (and somewhere unexpected) attack and Armands Berzins opened the result!! Riga continued attacking and, thanks to the efforts of young Gints Meija, got a PP. And Dinamo scored a second goal! After Krisjanis Redlihs’ shot, the puck hit the blade of one of Ak Bars’ players and flied in the net. A very unpleasant goal actually… But not for Dinamo Riga! 2:0 for the visiting team – who would’ve guessed it?! Of course, this result was too much for Ak Bars Kazan, so the team went for serious attacking and some really dangerous attacks they had! Riga’s defensemen and Martin Prusek did their best. On the 16th minute Ak Bars finally got a PP, but nothing was made out of it. Dinamo Riga players defended calm and cool-blooded. A minute before the serene team Ak Bars pulled the goalie out. Dinamo didn’t try to hit the empty net, they just tried to control the puck more and keep the result.

Great game, I really loved it! Not because Dinamo Riga won, but because it won deservingly and showed great hockey. Ak Bars hadn’t the best game of the season, but still it was pleasant to watch at this team today. And of course, congratulations to Martin Prusek – another zero-game for him!

Ak Bars Kazan – Dinamo Riga 0:2 (0:0, 0:0, 0:2)

Goals: 44:02 Armands Berzins (Marcel Hossa, Girts Ankipans) 0:1, 46:39 Krisjanis Redlihs (Duvie Westcott, PP) 0:2.

Penalties: 10 – 14.

Dinamo's next game - December 9th, against Lada.

Photos from KHL's website.

December 6, 2008

Live Video Feed - AK Bars Kazan - Dinamo Riga

Live video feed for todays game you can find here, the link to the game will show up few hours before the game.

P.S Sorry that there is no pre-view, I am currently not in my home and also aglo is doing some other stuff. :)

December 5, 2008

Dinamo's: Minsk vs. Riga

Dinamo Minsk vs.
Dinamo Riga


Alas, no video feed was available for the game, so the review is written from the on-line. The goalies in this Dinamo-duel were Vitali Koval and Sergejs Naumovs.

The beginning wasn’t successful for Dinamo Riga. The result was opened on the 4th minute by the home team. Less than two minutes after, Riga was left short-handed (Duvie Westcott for blocking), but our team held out. The next notable thing for the game report happened on the 16th minute – Dinamo Riga once again got a penalty (Filip Novak this time), and again on the 19th minute – Olegs Sorokins (welcome back!) for holding. And this time Dinamo Minsk didn’t waste their power-play – Sergey Zadelenov, 2:0! That was it for the first period.
On the start of the second period Dinamo Riga got its turn to have a PP, even a double one, but no goal was scored. Minsk got another penalty half a minute after it was at full-strength. Still – no luck for the visiting team. On the 31st minute Olegs Sorokins got his second penalty. Dinamo Minsk didn’t score, but Dinamo Riga did – at full-strength, Lauris Darzins! But the joy wasn’t long – Andrei Spiridonov regained a two-goal difference very soon. One of the assists went to our Latvian player Kaspars Saulietis, so congratulations! :-) 1:1 in the second twenty minutes.

As one of our trusted eyewitnesses informed – Koval was dragging the game all by himself. That probably means, that Dinamo Riga had a huge advantage, but, as it usually is, couldn’t turn it into goals. The third goal that Naumovs missed was from the blue line.
Nothing notable happened in the beginning of the third period. On 46:21 Martins Cipulis scored for Dinamo Riga – 3:2! But on 52:28 Yaroslav Chupris once again gave his team a two goal lead – 4:2 and it was the final score. Before the end Minsk had two more penalties. I’m sure Riga tried its best to get the puck in the net, but it didn’t happen thanks to Koval, probably. On 56:52 Lauris Darzins received 4 minutes, taking away Dinamo Riga’s chances to rescue the match.
I think it was a good game for both teams. Actually, it’s no wonder Dinamo Minsk won – it’s a completely different team than it was in the beginning of the championship.
Dinamo Riga’s next game is Sunday, December 7, in Kazan with Ak Bars.

Dinamo Minsk - Dinamo Riga 4:2 (2:0, 1:1, 1:1)

Goals: 03:49 Ben Klaymer (Sergey Zadelenov) 1:0, 18:51 Sergey Zadelenov (Rihard Lintner, Dmitriy Dudik, PP) 2:0, 33:50 Lauris Darzins (Armands Berzins, Mikelis Redlihs) 2:1, 36:36 Andrei Spiridonov (Kaspars Saulietis, Viktor Andrushenko) 3:1, 46:21 Martins Cipulis (Duvie Westcott) 3:2, 52:28 Yaroslav Chupris (Sergey Demagin) 4:2.
Penalties: 10 – 12.

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Live Video Feed For Todays Game

Here is the live video feed for today's game Dinamo Riga - Dinamo Minsk: Click here. The live feed will start at 18:30 here in Latvia, otherwise this button will not work, only in game time.

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December 4, 2008

Dinamo from Minsk

Dinamo Minsk vs.
Dinamo Riga

Dinamo Riga’s next opponent is another Dinamo, only from Minsk, Belarus.

Dinamo Minsk was formed in the far 1946 as Torpedo Minsk and had several name changes throughout the years. The club got the name Dinamo only in 1977. In 1993 it was again changed – to Tivali Minsk. The club went bankrupt in 2001.

During its first part of existence ( 1946 to 2001) Dinamo played in the Soviet Union’s first and second leagues, later, when Belarus got its independence – in the Belarusian Open league (aka Belarusian Extraleague). Dinamo became the winner of Visshaya Liga (USSR/Russia’s second league) four times – in 1970, 1977, 1996 and 1997, and was the Belarus champion of 1993-1995 and 2000.

The club was brought back in 2004 under the final name of Dinamo and became the champion of Extraleague in 2007. In March, 2008 KHL confirmed the Belarusian club's inclusion in the league. Fate determined the old new Dinamo to play in Bobrov’s Divison.

Minsk was getting ready for KHL. Paul Gardner was assigned as head coach, but something didn’t please the club management and Mr. Gardner was dismissed already in the pre-season. Jimmy Hughes became the new trainer. But Dinamo’s results weren’t the best and he too left his post in October. So the new and current coach of the team is Vasiliy Spiridonov.

Right now Dinamo Minsk is placed 22nd in the overall standings with 26 points in 30 games; 63 goals for and 108 against. It’s one of the worst teams in all components, including getting points at home – only 12 out of a possible 42. Still it’s a very unyielding team.

Dinamo Minsk doesn’t score much, but still has its leaders: forward Yaroslav Chupris has the most points – 18 (7+11), after Yaroslav is Andrei Mikhalev with 13 (9+4) pts, Sergey Demagin (6+4), Viktor Andrushenko (3+7); the most scoring defensemen are Ben Klymer – 11 (2+9), Andrei Antonov – 8 (4+4), Brayan Myuir – 7 (1+6).

Goalkeeper Andy Chiodo is considered as number one – 21 games, 87.7 %, the second goaltender is Matus Kostur - 10 games, 85.3%. Dinamo has one more keeper – Vitali Koval, who was injured so had only 5 games, but he’s ok and is already playing. It’s possible he will be in the net tomorrow.

Of course, Dinamo Riga looks more preferable and is stronger “on paper”, but in practice – anything is possible. It won’t be easy tomorrow, but I think, Riga will get points. It depends on how fresh our team will be after the previous game and how will Minsk show itself – will it be full of strength or withered – Dinamo Minsk’s last game was on November 29, where the team lost in shot-outs to Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

P.S. The two Dinamo’s have already met each other in the pre-season – Riga won 5:1, but in the first KHL match between these teams Riga celebrated a 8:5 victory.

Pictures from KHL and Dinamo Riga official websites.

As it seems, there will be no video broadcast here in Latvia, neither there will be online live video feed, if there will be, this will be the first place where you will find live video feed.

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