December 7, 2008

Ak Bars Kazan - Dinamo Riga, review

Ak Bars Kazan
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Once again sorry, there was no game preview. :-) You can read about one of Europe’s best club's history here, as well as visit its official homepage. By the time of this match Ak Bars with 69 points was placed 1st in the Chernishov division, which made it 2nd in the overall standings. The first match between Dinamo Riga and Ak Bars Kazan ended 3:2 for Ak Bars.

Dinamo Riga had some changes for today’s game: Filip Novak and Aleksejs Sirokovs have micro injuries, so Krisjanis Redlihs and Ronald Petrovicky took their places accordingly. It is possible, that Sirokovs will be out until Christmas, but if Novak will play in the next games, will depend on his general condition.

The goalkeepers were Martin Prusek and for Ak Bars – Stanislav Galimov.

Dinamo Riga started the game very actively and got a power-play already on the first minute, but couldn’t get any dividends from it. What’s more – Dinamo itself got a penalty (Atvars Tribuncovs), giving Ak Bars more than a minute in PP. Kazan team didn’t have dangerous shots, but they made Dinamo get another 2 minutes. The home team was in Dinamo’s zone all the time, but Prusek didn’t have much work. On 07:15 Alexandr Stepanov left his team short-handed for tripping Armands Berzins, who had a great opportunity to score several seconds later. During Dinamo’s PP nice moments were organized also by Lauris Darzins and Marcel Hossa. In the middle of the period Ronald Petrovicky shot from the center of the blue line. The shot wasn’t difficult for Stanislav Galimov to catch, but the save was very beautiful! A few moments later Dinamo Riga got another PP. During it Dinamo was in the zone all the time; nice moments had Guntis Galvins and Atvars Tribuncovs twice, but Galimov was great. After Ak Bars was at full-strength, Dinamo Riga continued offending; Kazan answered from time to time. On the 16th minute Mikelis Redlihs had a nice wraparound, but Galimov was in his place. On the last minutes Ak Bars Kazan became more active and on 18:12 Aigars Cipruss went to the penalty box for holding. Dinamo defended well and even had a counter-attack. On the last seconds Ak Bars was very close to score, the serene didn’t let it happen.

The game in the first twenty minutes was equal; Dinamo Riga even controlled the puck more, had more shots. Shots: Ak Bars – 11, Dinamo – 17 (8-10 in the net range).

Ak Bars still had a PP in the beginning of the second period and tried to use it, but didn’t. On the 3rd minute Dinamo got a bench penalty for having too many players on the ice. Only Dmitri Kazionov had the realest moment to score, although Ak Bars was in the offense zone almost all the time. On the 8th minute Dinamo Riga again got a penalty (Petrovicky for holding). Riga held out, but Kazan’s pressure was big. And it kept getting stronger. Ak Bars players didn’t let Dinamo players to get in their zone so easy. Dinamo managed to do it on the 14th minute, had some nice shots, but Kazan players had a counter-attack after, which was very dangerous! On the 16th minute one of Ak Bars players’ was left all alone in front of the net, made a loop, but didn’t overdo Prusek. The home team’s pressure became ve-e-ery strong and it’s only logical, that Dinamo was left short-handed soon. Ak Bars attacked desperately, but Dinamo’s defenders and goalkeeper were on their best!
Ak Bars had the advantage this period, but it probably wasn’t so great for the team, because they didn’t score. Notable – Kazan had no penalties these twenty minutes. Dinamo Riga played good in my opinion (especially Prusek); otherwise the score wouldn’t still be 0:0.
The beginning of the third period was calm – the home team had one shot, which wasn’t hard for Prusek, the visiting – went in Ak Bars’ zone, but that also wasn’t dangerous for Galimov. But on the 5th minute Dinamo organized a beautiful (and somewhere unexpected) attack and Armands Berzins opened the result!! Riga continued attacking and, thanks to the efforts of young Gints Meija, got a PP. And Dinamo scored a second goal! After Krisjanis Redlihs’ shot, the puck hit the blade of one of Ak Bars’ players and flied in the net. A very unpleasant goal actually… But not for Dinamo Riga! 2:0 for the visiting team – who would’ve guessed it?! Of course, this result was too much for Ak Bars Kazan, so the team went for serious attacking and some really dangerous attacks they had! Riga’s defensemen and Martin Prusek did their best. On the 16th minute Ak Bars finally got a PP, but nothing was made out of it. Dinamo Riga players defended calm and cool-blooded. A minute before the serene team Ak Bars pulled the goalie out. Dinamo didn’t try to hit the empty net, they just tried to control the puck more and keep the result.

Great game, I really loved it! Not because Dinamo Riga won, but because it won deservingly and showed great hockey. Ak Bars hadn’t the best game of the season, but still it was pleasant to watch at this team today. And of course, congratulations to Martin Prusek – another zero-game for him!

Ak Bars Kazan – Dinamo Riga 0:2 (0:0, 0:0, 0:2)

Goals: 44:02 Armands Berzins (Marcel Hossa, Girts Ankipans) 0:1, 46:39 Krisjanis Redlihs (Duvie Westcott, PP) 0:2.

Penalties: 10 – 14.

Dinamo's next game - December 9th, against Lada.

Photos from KHL's website.


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