December 16, 2008

Edgars Masalskis Recovered

Recently Edgars Masalskis had recovered from an off-ice fight. Now he is preparing his self for ''Polesje'' Cup, which will be held in Belarus from 18. December - 20. December where will be playing national teams(France, Denmark, Ukrain, Belarus, Belarus-2). It is possible when Edgars Masalskis will play his first match after his infamous fight in bar. He is currently contracted to Riga 2000. In my opinion he is currently not needed for Dinamo Riga because Dinamo Riga already have Martin Prusek who is playing great latley and Sergejs Naumovs.

Also two players who are contracted to Dinamo Riga will particapate next week in U-20 World Cup, which will be held in Canada, they are Ronalds Cinks and Nauris Enkuzens.

Players from Dinamo Riga, who will be participating in ''Polesje'' Cup:

Edgars Masalskis
Ervins Mustukovs

Kristaps Sotnieks
Krisjanis Redlihs

Mikelis Redlihs
Armands Berzins
Gints Meija
Lauris Darzins

Also Marcel Hossa has been called up for his duties for Slovakian national team, he will play two games against Swizterland.

I think when theese games will be good for Dinamo Riga players, because they will have some game practice, before Dinamo Riga home games.

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patinahelix said...

Awesome blog. Just started getting into the KHL, and its nice to find a blog in English for Dinamo Riga.