December 11, 2008

Neftekhimik - Dinamo, review

Neftekhimik Niznekamsk
vs. Dinamo Riga

Nehftekhimik Niznekamsk was placed 11th for this match with 51 points. The goalies were Sergey Khoroshun and Martin Prusek.

The on-line was again poor. The result was opened on the 4th minute by the home team. On the 7th Neftekhimik was left short-handed, Dinamo Riga didn’t get any dividends from that and got a penalty itself on the 9th minute (Marcel Hossa for high-sticking). The visiting team held out. Dinamo got another 2 minutes on the 18th minute (Kristaps Sotnieks for slashing). Lucky for Dinamo, the home team didn’t score, otherwise Neftekhimik would have provided themselves with a rather comfortable result before the break.

The second period was a penalty period. On the 24th minute Dinamo Riga once again was SH – Olegs Sorokins for holding. Less than two minutes after – another 2 minutes for the visiting team (Mark Hartigan). On 29:07 – Neftekhimik’s Sergey Anshakov for hooking. 22 seconds later – Kristaps Sotnieks. Two and a half minutes later – Mark Hartigan, on 36:58 – Sotnieks again. 30 seconds later – Yevgeniy Ryasenskiy. On 38:51 Andrey Telyukin was penalized for tripping and 16 seconds later (53 seconds before the serene) Matt Ellison tied the result!

On 41:18 Sergey Arekayev received a minor penalty for hooking, on 42:56 – Mikelis Redlihs went to the penalty box, as Dinamo had too many players on the ice. On the 46th minute Martins Cipulis gave Dinamo Riga the lead – 2:1! Three minutes later Armands Berzins left Dinamo SH. But on the 53rd minute Dinamo got a power-play. Neftekhimik stood out. 15 seconds before the serene they took a time-out, pulled the goalie out and Dinamo Riga scored into the empty net – a 1:3 win for the visiting team!

Neftekhimik Niznekamsk – Dinamo Riga 1:3 (1:0, 0:1, 0:2)

Goals: 3:38 Denis Kochtekov (Tomash Starosta) 1:0, 39:07 Matt Ellison (Atvars Tribuncovs, Mark Hartigan, PP) 1:1, 45:31 Martins Cipulis (Aleksandr Nizivijs) 1:2, 59:56 Lauris Darzins (Rodrigo Lavins, Marcel Hossa) 1:3.

Penalties: 12 – 18.

Dinamo Riga won its third game in a row. During this away tour Dinamo got 12 points out of a possible 15 – this is more than a great result – and ended this part of the championship in a wonderful mood! There’s going to be a small break in the KHL in a few days, but for Dinamo today was the last game before it. Riga’s next games will be at home, and they are starting with a match against Avangard Omsk on Christmas, December 24th.

P.S. So very sorry, we aren’t writing game previews right now. :-)

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