December 9, 2008

Lada - Dinamo, review

Lada Tolyatti
Vs. Dinamo Riga

There was no video for the game, so the only information stream was the poor on-line.

For this match Lada Tolyatti was placed 17th in the overall standings and 4th in the Harlamov division with 40 points, right after Dinamo Riga, which had 42 points. The first two games between these teams Dinamo lost without even scoring a goal – 0:6 and 0:1. The goalkeepers for the game were Vasiliy Koshechkin for Lada and Martin Prusek for Dinamo.

The home team was left short-handed already on the 34th second – an active start for Dinamo Riga, but the result wasn’t opened. On 2:59 Ronald Petrovicky was penalized for high-sticking. No goal for Lada either. Tolyatti club got another chance for a power-play on the 10th minute. In the end of the period the teams got 2 minutes each: in Dinamo – Kristaps Sotnieks for slashing and Evgeniy Bodrov in Lada for roughing.

Nothing notable happened in the second period until the 8th minute, when Marcel Hossa went to the penalty box. Dinamo had 12 second left being SH, when Lada got a penalty (Alexandr Chernikov for tripping). After another 25 seconds Rodrigo Lavins got a minor penalty for interference. On 32:51 Dinamo Riga’s captain got another 2 minutes for the same violation – interference. That was it for the second twenty minutes.

The visiting team was once again left SH – Aleksandrs Nizivijs for hooking. Then, on the 7th minute, Lada’s player Stepan Zaharchuk got 2 minutes for tripping and Dinamo Riga scored!! The first goal for Dinamo in Lada’s net in the history of KHL and the history of Dinamo Riga was scored by none other than Marcel Hossa. The team from Riga couldn’t get the puck in Tolyatti teams net for 8 periods (!!) and 7 more minutes. The next notable thing for the game report happened on 56:48 – Lauris Darzins left Dinamo short-handed, giving Lada a nice chance to tie the result. But the home team didn’t score. Pulling the goalie out didn’t help either. Dinamo Riga finally won Lada Tolyatti, 1:0!

Dinamo's next game - December 11th with Neftehimik from Niznekamsk.

Lada Tolyatti - Dinamo Riga (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: 47:03 Marcel Hossa (Kristaps Sotnieks, PP) 0:1.

Penalties: 8 - 16.

Photos from Dinamo Riga official website.

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