December 5, 2008

Dinamo's: Minsk vs. Riga

Dinamo Minsk vs.
Dinamo Riga


Alas, no video feed was available for the game, so the review is written from the on-line. The goalies in this Dinamo-duel were Vitali Koval and Sergejs Naumovs.

The beginning wasn’t successful for Dinamo Riga. The result was opened on the 4th minute by the home team. Less than two minutes after, Riga was left short-handed (Duvie Westcott for blocking), but our team held out. The next notable thing for the game report happened on the 16th minute – Dinamo Riga once again got a penalty (Filip Novak this time), and again on the 19th minute – Olegs Sorokins (welcome back!) for holding. And this time Dinamo Minsk didn’t waste their power-play – Sergey Zadelenov, 2:0! That was it for the first period.
On the start of the second period Dinamo Riga got its turn to have a PP, even a double one, but no goal was scored. Minsk got another penalty half a minute after it was at full-strength. Still – no luck for the visiting team. On the 31st minute Olegs Sorokins got his second penalty. Dinamo Minsk didn’t score, but Dinamo Riga did – at full-strength, Lauris Darzins! But the joy wasn’t long – Andrei Spiridonov regained a two-goal difference very soon. One of the assists went to our Latvian player Kaspars Saulietis, so congratulations! :-) 1:1 in the second twenty minutes.

As one of our trusted eyewitnesses informed – Koval was dragging the game all by himself. That probably means, that Dinamo Riga had a huge advantage, but, as it usually is, couldn’t turn it into goals. The third goal that Naumovs missed was from the blue line.
Nothing notable happened in the beginning of the third period. On 46:21 Martins Cipulis scored for Dinamo Riga – 3:2! But on 52:28 Yaroslav Chupris once again gave his team a two goal lead – 4:2 and it was the final score. Before the end Minsk had two more penalties. I’m sure Riga tried its best to get the puck in the net, but it didn’t happen thanks to Koval, probably. On 56:52 Lauris Darzins received 4 minutes, taking away Dinamo Riga’s chances to rescue the match.
I think it was a good game for both teams. Actually, it’s no wonder Dinamo Minsk won – it’s a completely different team than it was in the beginning of the championship.
Dinamo Riga’s next game is Sunday, December 7, in Kazan with Ak Bars.

Dinamo Minsk - Dinamo Riga 4:2 (2:0, 1:1, 1:1)

Goals: 03:49 Ben Klaymer (Sergey Zadelenov) 1:0, 18:51 Sergey Zadelenov (Rihard Lintner, Dmitriy Dudik, PP) 2:0, 33:50 Lauris Darzins (Armands Berzins, Mikelis Redlihs) 2:1, 36:36 Andrei Spiridonov (Kaspars Saulietis, Viktor Andrushenko) 3:1, 46:21 Martins Cipulis (Duvie Westcott) 3:2, 52:28 Yaroslav Chupris (Sergey Demagin) 4:2.
Penalties: 10 – 12.

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