December 24, 2008

Dinamo - Avangard, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Avangard Omsk

The goalkeepers for the game were Martin Prusek and Alexandr Fomichev.

Dinamo Riga had started very obstinately and got a power-play on the 2nd minute (Anton Kuryanov for high-sticking), but it wasn’t easy for Dinamo to get in Avangards’ zone, and the moments weren’t so dangerous. The game was rather equal after, with just a little Omsk’s advantage. On the 9th minute Avangard got its second penalty, but Dinamo did nothing worthy. Two seconds after the guests were at full strength, Krisjanis Redlihs left Dinamo short-handed, but Avangard also didn’t do anything dangerous in front of Martin Prusek’s net. Omsk had its first real goal-scoring moment on the 17th minute, when the players had several very dangerous shots, but the puck hit the post, when one of Avangards players had to get it in the net. Then – Kristaps Sotnieks received a penalty, but Dinamo Riga defended well and that was it for the first period.

The second twenty minutes began with a strong Avangard Omsk pressure, but Dinamo held out. On the 5th minute Aigars Cipruss skated into the zone and after a wonderful shot opened the result! On the next attack one of Avangard players hit the post once again. But Dinamo Riga after scoring went forward. Avangard Omsk got 4 penalties the next 10 minutes. Dinamo had the advantage and so-o-o many goal-scoring opportunities, but none was used. Ok, the shots weren’t the most dangerous ones and the goalie didn’t do wonders, but still Dinamo had to score… The home team got a penalty itself two minutes before the break (Mark Hartigan for boarding). Omsk, however, didn’t turn their power-play into a goal.

The third period started like the second – with Avangard’s attacks, and once again Dinamo held out and what’s more – scored its second goal – Matt Ellison after a perfect Marcel Hossa pass! Nothing else was left for Avangard except going forward and trying to score. Omsk had some dangerous attacks, but Martin Prusek was great in the net. Riga, however, also answered with counter-attacks from time to time. On the 14th minute thanks to the activity of Dinamo, Omsk’s Pavel Rossa got a minor penalty. Riga’s players didn’t try so hard to score; they just controlled the puck calmly. Two minutes before the serene, Fomichev was pulled out. Avangard tried to score at least a prestige-goal, but couldn’t. Prusek and team were great. It wasn’t so principle for Dinamo players to hit the empty net, they just tried to be with the puck more and out of their zone, where there was no threat for Martin Prusek. The serene got lost in the spectators ovation.

It was really a great game in Dinamo Riga’s performance – correct, calm and beautiful. Oh, and Martin Prusek, who was named best in Dinamo, - that’s something! A real hero indeed. The fans called up his name a minimum of three times during the game. Avangard Omsk, on the other hand, wasn’t bright at all. The team wasn’t fast, wasn’t aggressive. Dinamo was better today, that’s a fact, and won deservingly (that sounds so great, especially after wins against so high-classed teams! :-)). Well, a great gift for the filled to overflowing Arena and for all those fans in front of their TV’s for Christmas this game was!

Some Highlights:

Dinamo Riga - Avangard Omsk 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 24:06 Aigars Cipruss (Atvars Tribuncovs) 1:0, 44:20 Matt Ellison (Marcel Hossa) 2:0.

Penalties: 6 - 14.

Dinamos next game - saturday, December 27th, against Voskresensk's Khimik.

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