December 28, 2008

Dinamo - Baris, review

Dinamo Riga vs.
Baris Astana

Baris Astana was placed 13th for this game, Dinamo Riga – 14th with only one point difference. The goalkeepers were Martin Prusek and Marc Lamothe.

The teams exchanged attacks on the first minute. On the second – Lauris Darzins had a nice moment, but he threw the puck way over the net. Then the teams became to play more carefully, but the attacks were still dangerous. Dynamo was more active the next minutes – had two moments in a row, but Riga’s players off-side and luck saved Baris. Then Riga got a power-play, however, theguests defended very well. After – Baris was in Dinamos zone more, but without any good shots. Riga’s counter-attacks were more dangerous. On the last minutes the teams started to show open hockey once again. Lauris Darzins had a good opportunity, but the shot was inaccurate. On 19:10 Girts Ankipans received a penalty. Baris was very close to score, even hit the post once, but Dinamo held out.

Dinamo Riga was still short-handed in the beginning of the next period and this time defended the net properly. Several moments later the home team was already in PP, but the guests were good in the defence as well. Then Mikelis Redlihs skated in front of the net and got another power-play for his team. Probably, the most notable moment was created by Mark Hartigan. Being at full-strength Baris consolidated in Dinamos’ zone, Prusek had much work, Olegs Sorokins got 2 minutes. Baris was close to score a minimum three times. Martin Prusek was terrific. After – the home team was in Baris’ zone all the time, but it was pointless, as no real goal-scoring chances were made, not even in the first PP, which Dinamo got during their attacks. But when Riga got the second one on 38:38, Atvars Tribuncovs with a mighty shot from the blue line finally opened the result! 1:0 – after the second period.

Baris had a chance to play in PP two times in a row right at the beginning of the third twenty minutes. They didn’t turn the first one into a goal and almost let Dinamo to score for about three times during the second. Luck wasn’t on Dinamo’s side. After that the game became more carefull, as the teams needed to calm down a little. On the 9th minute Marcel Hossa didn’t use a 100% moment – Marcel was left alone in front of the net, received the puck, but couldn’t overplay Lamothe. Then Mikelis Redlihs had a nice chance as well, but Marc Lamothe was great once again! After – Hossa got a penalty in Baris’ zone. The away team had chances, but Martin Prusek was playing calm and cold-blooded. On the 14th minute Lauris Darzins run one on one with Marc Lamothe – the goalkeeper was wonderful. The away team answered with an attack, Prusek was in his place. The clubs continued exchanging attacks, both goalie worked wonders, especially Lamothe, as Dinamo offended more dangerously. Baris got a penalty on the last minute. The guests didn’t pull the goalkeeper out, so Dinamo won this match!

This game was harder than yesterdays, both teams weren’t so fresh, but that’s understandable. I think Baris earned points as well today, but Dinamo was a little better (maybe even only in the last period) and a little luckier today, as well as Martin Prusek was in his style, which allowed Dinamo Riga to gain those necessary 3 points.

Dinamo Riga - Baris Astana (0:0, 1:0, 0:0)

Goals: 38:57 Atvars Tribuncovs (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, Martins Cipulis, PP) 1:0.
Penalties: 10 -12.

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