December 22, 2008

Team Latvia finishes 5th

Latvian team in an international tournament “Poliese Cup 2009”, which was held in Belarus, finished 5th out of a 6 team competition. The teams were divided into 2 groups. Latvia was in group A with Belarus and France, but in group B were Ukraine, Denmark and Poliese team – a team consisting of players from Belarus clubs Gomel and Metallurg Zhlobin.

Latvia lost the first match to Belarus 1:2. Goal for Latvia was scored by Krisjanis Redlihs. The goalkeeper was Ervins Mustukovs. The second game against France Latvia also lost – 1:4. The only goal for our team was scored by Mikelis Redlihs. The goalie was Edgars Lusins from Riga2000. In both games goal assistants were Armands Berzins and Juris Stals. In the game for the 5th place Latvia defeated Polesie team with 4:3 in over-time. Goals were scored by Janis Andersons (Sergejs Pecura, Viktors Blinovs), Mikelis Redlihs, Vladislavs Vodolazskis (Sergej Pecura) and Gints Meija (Elvis Zelubovskis, Edgars Brancis). Mustukovs was in the net.

Head coach Oleg Znarok had brought, you can say, an experimental team for this tournament. Team Latvia was without its leaders and veterans. This tournament was a debut for most of the players, who just outgrew their junior age and are beginning to enter the “real” hockey life. So it’s no tragedy that Latvia finished so low. I think our team performed well, considering the lack of experience of many players, including the goalies. It’s significant, that Znarok is beginning to include the young ones in the national team, as they are our hockey future and it’s important for them to feel through the atmosphere of playing in the national team.

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