November 20, 2008

Prusek, Sirokovs & Sorokins are training with Dinamo

As Rigas’ Dinamo homepage informs, the team continues getting ready for the next KHL games in Arena Riga.

Goalkeeper Martin Prusek, defender Olegs Sorokins and forward Aleksejs Sirokovs are also participating in the trainings. In order to faster get in shape and get back in the game, Sorokins will play a match for Dinamos’ farm-club, Riga 2000, after which will be clear, how ready is Olegs to be back in Dinamo.

Both Prusek and Sirokovs are healthy and ready for full-valued trainings.

Forward Mark Hartigan didn’t participate in the ice-training due to a small injury gotten in Ufa, but before the next game he will be in shape.

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