November 15, 2008

Traktor – Dinamo, game review

Traktor Chelyabinsk
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to see all of Dinamo’s away games, so some reviews will be written out of information from the on-line of the match. Today the starting goalie for Dinamo was Martin Prusek, for Traktor – young Daniil Alistratov.

According to the on-line, the first period was equal, but there was more of rough gaming and – in the second part of the period – penalties, than hockey. The teams were more likely to start a fight, than to score. Grenye even tried to challenge Petrovicky, but Ronald refused.

The second period started unhappily for Traktors goalie Alistratov – he got some sort of injury, but quickly stood up and continued the game bravely. Still, it’s possible, Daniil didn’t recover so fast, because Dinamo scored, but it happened after the whistle, so the goal wasn’t counted. Further on, there was only one team on the ice – Traktor had many goal-scoring moments, they were overplaying Dinamo easily. It was the middle of the game, when Riga started to get hold of the advantage. And it wasn’t long until Dinamo finally scored. Then the spectators saw two more goals in two minutes – one for the home team and one for the visiting. The game continued in a very tensed struggle. Traktor had more moments. The nerve-strain of the game was very high.

A great start for Dinamo in the third period! Ankipans scored short-handed, tying the result! But then again… maybe it wasn’t so great… Prusek got an injury. Judging, that he left the ice only with the doctors’ help, it could be serious… Martin was changed by Sergejs Naumovs. Less than three minutes after Sergejs was in the game, Anton Glinkin gave his team the lead. It was the last goal for today. Naumovs did great the remaining time, but our players’ didn’t score. They tried, however, as hard as they could! The last minutes were very hot! The pressure kept getting higher and higher, but that was it. The siren rang, informing about Traktors’ victory.

Seems, it was a game between two worthy opponents. Dinamo had all chanses not only to gain points, but to win. But let us be objective – at the time, this club is better than Dinamo. Chelyabinsk, congratulations! But I’m sure, Dinamo will do their best to have revenge in Riga.

Sure, Dinamo needs points, but what’s more important right now – the health of Martin Prusek. We sincerely hope that Dinamos’ goalkeeper will be all right, that his injury isn’t serious and that we will see him in the nearest games!

Dinamos' next game - against Salavat Yulaev, November 17th.

Traktor – Dinamo 4:3 (1:0, 2:2, 1:1)
Goals: 03:45 Skachkov (Zavarukhin, PP) 1:0, 22:55 Kisliy (Raenko) 2:0, 32:56 Westcott (Berzins) 2:1, 34:00 Galkin (Skachkov) 3:1, 34:42 Berzins (Redlihs) 3:2, 41:07 Ankipans (Tribuncovs, SH) 3:3, 47:16 Glinkin (Raenko) 4:3.

Penalties: 18 - 10.

Sorry, there was no video feed for this game.

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