November 10, 2008

Rodrigo Lavins has been assigned as captain

Rodrigo Lavins has been assigned as captain changing Aleksejs Sirokovs. Rodrigo played as captain already in exhibition game against Leapajas Metalurgs, now he has been aproved as captain officialy by Dinamo Riga, he has been captain for last few years for Latvian national team and I am shure he will be also in Switzerland when there will be held World Championship for men.

He is a great guy, but he plays bad on the ice, in my opinion he is one of the weakest links in Dinamo Riga. I don't understand why this change has been needed, maybe because of upcoming WC? As head coach stated: ''Blinovs said to me that him playing as a captain affects his game, so we needed a new captain.''.

I hope this will make some change in the team, after this long losing strake, anyway good luck Lavins as a new captain!

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