November 17, 2008

Salavat Yulaev - Dinamo Riga, game review

Salavat Yulaev
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Naumovs took the place in the net for Dinamo. Our second goalkeeper was Ugis Avotins (it’s still not known, how serious is Pruseks injury). For Salavat it was Tarasov. The on-line was poor, so it’s a bit hard to make conclusions.

Salavat had advantage throughout the whole game, but the first two periods Dinamos’ players did great, Naumovs worked wonders. First periods’ main events, besides Salavats’ attacks, were a bodycheck against Hartigan, who, hopefully, is ok, Novaks’ two penalties, Kyrill Koltcovs’ 10 minute misconduct penalty and Proshkins’ 2 minutes. But it’s difficult to say, whether Riga had some really sharp moments or not, except, the one on the 9th minute.

In the second period Dinamo had many counter-attacks, but they were unsuccesfull, just like the attacks of Salavat Yulaev. Our defensemen did a great job helping Naumovs. On the 27th minute the puck hit Matt Ellisons’ knee. It’s not certain, whether he was able to continue the game.

Sooner or later it was suppose to happen – Salavat scored at the beginning of the third period and continued pressing. Riga, however, got a chance to play five on three, Shupler took a time-out, but it didn’t help. And in the end of the game Riga broke completely – Ufa scored three more goals. 13 seconds before the final whistle and after the fourth goal Naumovs was pulled from the net for Avotins to take his place. Assumingly, it was made for Ugis to live through the game, to feel KHLs’ atmosphere.

Salavat Yulaev – Dinamo 4:0 (0:0, 0:0, 4:0)

Goals: 44:15 Kyrill Koltcov (Taratukhin, Medvedev) 1:0, 57:56 Antipov (Kuteykin, Nurtdinov) 2:0, 58:52 Perezhogin (Radulov) 3:0, 59:47 Mikeska 4:0.

Penalties: 16 – 8

Some Highlights:

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