November 29, 2008

Dinamo Riga - Salavat Yulayev, game preview

Salavat Yulaev
Vs. Dinamo Riga

Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev is not just a super club, it’s Russia’s current champion. And it has all chances in becoming the first champion of KHL (and also winning the Champions League). Salavat is strong in absolutely all lines. But it wasn’t always like this. In the past Salavat Yulaev never was between Russia’s top clubs. Only in the last years Ufa began investing money in hockey, so the club started progressing. In season 2005/06 Salavat finished 7th, in 06/07 – it was 3rd, and in 2007/08, for the first time in its history, Salavat Yulaev was 1st, not only in the play-offs, but also in the regular season. The team was counted as favorites from the beginning of the last season and it still is. These guys know how to get the puck in the net, they know how to defend their zone and they know that the game last 60 minutes. Salavat Yulaev will keep on fighting no matter what. It’s not by accident that the team’s head coach Sergey Mickhalev has a nickname – “silver fox” – a sly, white-haired strategist.

Ten days earlier Dinamo Riga already faced Salavat Yulayev and lost 0-4 in away game. I am not so sceptical about this game, because recently Dinamo Riga is playing much better, losing strake is over and they are showing good performance recently. Salavat Yulayev is currently placed 2nd in the league with 19 wins in 28 games, just short behind Atlant Moscow

Their current leaders are : forwards – Alexey Tereschenko – 30 points (11+19), Alexandr Perezhogin with 30 points (20(!)+10), Alexandr Radulov – 24 (10+14), Vladimir Antipov - 21 (12+9); defensemen – Kirill Koltsov – 18 (4+14), Igor Schadilov, Vitaliy Proshkin (both – 12 points).

This will be a tough game for Dinamo Riga, I will attend this game *SO Excited*, it does not matter in which position is Dinamo Riga opponent, Dinamo Riga can beat everyone, anytime, anyhere and also Dinamo Riga can lose anytime, anywhere. I hope for the best. I will try to meet today some of my blog readers and hopefully I will meet aglo.

Stay tuned, I will try to write today game review.

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