November 10, 2008

Martin Prusek has arived in Riga

Newly acquired 33 year old goaltender Martin Prusek has arrived in Riga. He told that he will do the best he can(Not a new sentence :) ) to win. And that he feels ok here, he stated that he has played in North America and Russia and with a new teams it is not s problem to fit in. He has played already this season against Dinamo Riga as a Spartak's goaltender, as he stated, he thinks that Dinamo Riga is a good team despite loss(1-5) against Spartak earlyer this season.

Stats for this season:
22 Games
3,00GAA(Goals against avarege)
87,9SA%(Save Percentige)

I think that he is a good replacement for Sergejs Naumovs who showed that he is still a good goalkeeper, but he(Prusek) will have to prove him self. I hope that management of Dinamo Riga has made right choice when they did not take Sperle, but took Prusek in his place, in my opinion Sperle was a solid future goaltender for Dinamo Riga. I hope for the best.

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