January 5, 2009

Severstal - Dinamo Riga, review

Severstal Cherepovets
vs. Dinamo Riga

Severstal was placed 11th for this game, Dinamo Riga – 14th with only 2 points difference. The goalkeepers were Rastislav Stana and Martin Prusek.

The beginning was calm, then the home team started taking the advantage – Severstal was more active and had some moments. Dinamo Riga’s first dangerous attack happened on the 8th minute. On 08:35 Dinamo got a power-play, but 21 second later – Duvie Westcott got 2 minutes himself. Being 4 on 4 Severstal was more active, Dinamo had only one moment, which wasn’t dangerous. On the 12th minute Aigars Cipruss had to make a foul, otherwise the opponent could have opened the result. Dinamo held out this penalty. Then – Severstal attacked, Martin Prusek was in his place, but he couldn’t be the saver all the time – on 18:31 Sergei Soin opened the result, which was logical, it seems. On 18:55 Riga was left short-handed. After 1st period: shots: 7-3; face-offs: 11-15.

Dinamo Riga held out its penalty and got a PP on the 4th minute. Only Lauris Darzins had a nice chance to score. Riga got another power-play on the 7th minute – no goal. On the 13th minute Severstal’s player got another 2 minutes and this time Dinamo Riga did it – Matt Ellison tied the result! Several seconds later Darzins almost scored another one for Riga and had another shot later – right in the goalkeeper. 15 seconds before the break Duvie Westcott received a minor for blocking. Shots: 8-18, face-offs: 27-24.

Severstal didn’t turn their 1:45 minute power-play into a goal. On the 6th minute Filip Novak missed out of a nice position. Then – Severstal’s Lemtyugov, Gubin and Nady were very active in front of Prusek’s net – as a result Dinamo was left SH. By the end of Riga’s penalty, the home team scored, but the referee didn’t count the goal, as there was a penalty from Severstal, so it was Dinamo’s turn to have a power-play, but the guests didn’t score. On 49:18 Marcel Hossa got 10 minutes, but on 51:16 Dinamo was left short-handed once again. Severstal’s pressure was high and Riga got another penalty, and it’s no wonder the home team scored – 2:1! After – Dinamo got a chance to tie the result – Stanislav Egorshev was penalized. No goal for Dinamo and Severstal almost scored short-handed. Riga was attacking on the last minute, but Severstal scored its third goal! Team Dinamo took a time-out, probably, to calm the players down. And that was it. A 3:1 win for Severstal Cherepovets! Shots: 12-27; face-offs: 39-33.

Severstal Cherepovets – Dinamo Riga 3:1 (1:0, 0:1, 2:0)

Goals: 18:31 Sergei Soin (Mihail Yakubov, Vladislav Poperechniy) 1:0, 34:03 Matt Ellison 1:1, 53:25 Yozef Straka (Pavel Kanarski, Oleg Gubin, PP) 2:1, 58:28 Nikolai Lemtyugov (Oleg Gubin, Joel Kvyatkovski) 3:1.

Penalties: 12 – 24.

You can watch video of the goals here.

Dinamo Riga next match - 07.01 against Yaroslavl's Lokomotiv.

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