January 28, 2009

Dinamo Riga vs.
Spartak Moscow

The goalkeepers were Sergejs Naumovs and Dmitri Kochnev.

The beginning of the game was active, but without any real goal-scoring moments. Still, Dinamo Riga was more active and had a great opportunity on the 4th minute, but the puck hit the post. After that the home team took the advantage and had some more chances, but Spartak almost scored on a counter-attack, after which both teams were forced to play “four on four”. Right after the penalized players were back on the ice, Dinamo was left short-handed. Vladimir Loginov almost scored already on the first power-play seconds, but that was it, Dinamo defended well. Then – Spartak Moscow started to take the advantage. On the 17th minute Dinamo got a PP and, after a “three on two” attack at the end of it, Lauris Darzins opened the result! In the end of the period Mark Hartigan got so carried away with an attack, that got 2 minutes himself, giving the guests a one man advantage.

Dinamo held the penalty out and soon got a power-play itself. And once again turned it into a goal – 2:0! The home team continued offending the next minutes. Close to the middle the game became equal; Spartak started to answer with very dangerous attacks and got a PP soon. Dinamo held out. Then the game started to be calmer, even though the teams exchanged penalties. In the 36th minute Matt Ellison made the score 3:0 – a shot from the face-off circle! Right after that Dinamo was penalized, but defended very well. Right after – the home team got another penalty and held this one out too. Big thanks in it to Sergejs Naumovs, who was just great all game long.

Spartak Moscow was left short-handed in the beginning of the third period. Nothing dangerous was created by Dinamo. On the 46th minute Armands Berzins made the score 4:0: after M. Redlihs’ pass, Armands netted the puck right from the slot. Well, I guess, everything was clear in this game, so the teams didn’t play too hard anymore. Besides, Spartak received a penalty, during which Dinamo had nice moments to score. On the 54th minute the home team got another PP and on the 55th had a two man advantage. Dinamo Riga, however, didn’t score. As the game was coming to the end the teams had a small skirmish, it wasn’t serious though. Spartak Moscow kept trying to score a prestige goal and succeeded 16 seconds before the serene.

Dinamo Riga – Spartak Moscow 4:1 (1:0, 2:0, 1:1)

1:0 – 18:27 Lauris Darzins (Guntis Galvins, Mikelsi Redlihs, PP)
2:0 – 24:18 Aleksandrs Nizivijs (Martk Hartigan, Martins Cipulis. PP)
3:0 – 35:44 Matt Ellison (Guntis Galvins)
4:0 – 44:28 Armands Berzins (Lauris Darzins, Mikelis Redlihs)
4:1 – 59:44 Kirill Lyamin (Ivan Baranka, Roman Lyuduchin)

Penalties: 20 – 20

Video here.

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TheProblem said...

Dinamo Riga showed latvian fans and Moscow Spartak team and fans that they are a serious threat to any of KHL teams ....... this is Dinamo Riga first year and we are proud of our team :) G.Shupler is a great coach, we are really lucky that we have him too, he has chosen really good players and, I think, with every year Dinamo Riga will grow stronger .......... GOOOOOO DINAMO RIGA