January 9, 2009

Lada - Dinamo, review

Lada Tolyatti vs.
Dinamo Riga

The goalkeepers for the game – Vasiliy Koshechkin (Lada) and Martin Prusek (Dinamo).

Dinamo Riga was left short-handed on the 31st second already, but Lada didn’t score. The result was opened by the visiting team on the 8th minute. In the second period there were many penalties. Dinamo Riga even earned a penalty shot, but Armands Berzins didn’t turn it into a goal. Nothing notable, not even a penalty, happened in the third period way ‘till the 57th minute, when Mark Hartigan scored a second goal for Dinamo, earning a three-point victory over Lada.

This was the last game against Lada Tolyatti this season. What’s interesting, that all 4 matches ended with a shut-out result for one of the teams, as well as both teams won twice and it happened on the opponents ice: a 6:0 and 1:0 for Lada in Riga, and a same 1:0 and a 2:0 for Dinamo in Tolyatti.

With this game Dinamo Riga ended its away series, where the team earned 3 points out of a possible 12 with a –9 (4–13) goal difference.

Lada Tolyatti – Dinamo Riga 0:2 (0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: 07:22 Lauris Darzins (Rodrigo Lavins) 0:1, 56:52 Mark Hartigan (Aleksandrs Nizivijs) 0:2.

Penalties: 8 – 12.

The next match is on January 16 against Avangard Omsk and with it Dinamo Riga opens a series out of a 6 home games straight.

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