January 25, 2009

Dinamo Riga vs.
Vityaz Chekhov

Dinamo Riga - Vityaz Chekhov 4:2 (1:0, 2:1, 1:1)


1:0 - 02:56 Marcel Hossa (Duvie Westcott, Matt Ellison)
2:0 - 30:35 Aleksandrs Nizivijs (Martins Cipulis, Mark Hartigan), PP
3:0 - 32:07 Philip Novak (Mark Hartigan, Marcel Hossa), PP
3:1 - 39:03 Vadim Berdnikov (Sergei Zuborev), PP
3:2 - 47:17 Andrei Kolesnikov (Vadim Berdnikov, Alexandr Vasilyev)
4:2 - 48:26 Edijs Brahmanis (Matt Ellison)

Goalkeepers: Sergejs Naumovs - Boris Tortunov

Penalties: 22 - 28.

Really don’t have the opportunity to write the article, so just a few words about the game: there was just one team on the ice in the first two periods – Dinamo Riga. In the third – the guests “started to play hockey” and turned into the Vityaz we are used to see, so there was some intrigue. Still, Dinamo won deservingly. Maybe somebody of the colleagues will be so kind and write a more detailed review, with all the goals, fights and other notable moments? ;-)

Three points, of course, is great, but for me the best part of the game was that Edijs Brahmanis scored his first goal for Dinamo, plus Philip Novak scored the team’s 100th goal in this season! :-)

Dinamo Riga’s next games are January 28 and 29 against two teams from Moscow – Spartak and CSKA.

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