January 7, 2009

Lokomotiv - Dinamo, review

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl
vs. Dinamo Riga

The goalkeepers were Georgi Gelashvili (Lokomotiv) and Sergejs Naumovs (Dinamo). Marcel Hossa was disqualified for this game (received his 3rd 10 minute penalty in the last game).

The teams started carefully, no dangerous shots on goal were made. On the 5th minute Girts Ankipans almost scored, after Atvars Tribuncovs’ shot, which Gelashvili stroked off! On 05:42 Lauris Darzins got a penalty for tripping. Dinamo Riga defended confidently. Then Loko started to gain the advantage: in the middle of the period the home team locked Dinamo in its zone and had several dangerous shots in a row. On the 14th minute Lokomotiv players Alexei Mikhnov and Alexei Kudshev held a nice attack, Naumovs saved, but a minute later – they had a similar attack and scored – Kudashov centered the puck, all that was left for Mikhnov to do is to put the stick under the shot – 1:0! 19 second later Dinamo got a power-play, but no real goal-scoring moments were created, although Yaroslavl wasn’t handling the puck so careful from time to time. On 17:13 Olegs Sorokins was penalized for hooking. Lokomotiv was very active in Dinamo’s zone, so active, that Alexei Yashin received 2 minutes, being carried away by an attack. But several seconds later Dinamo got another penalty – Martins Cipulis for tripping. That was it for the first period. An equal game in the first 10 minutes, and Lokomotiv’s advantage in the second.

The second period started with the attacks of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and with a dangerous Joseph Vashichek wrist-shot. On the 24th minute Gelashvili confidently took the puck after Mark Hartigan’s shot. Lokomotiv’s Yashin and Irgl held a counter-attack, Naumovs was also great. Open hockey set out in the next minutes. Dinamo Riga was even a bit more aggressive. On the 29th minute Lokomotiv got a penalty and almost scored short-handed. After that a small brawl happened, after which Duvie Westcott got an injury (wasn’t serious), but Alexander Galimov received a double minor – for elbowing and roughing. The angry Dinamo players went on attacking. The guests locked the home team in their zone and had numerous opportunities to score, but luck was on Lokomotiv’s side! And right after Galimov came out of the penalty box, he received the puck and organized an attack, Naumovs managed to deal with it, but Mikelis Redlihs made a breakaway and tied the result!!! Afterwards the game became a little calmer. On the 38th minute Loko received a power-play and Zbinek Irgl made the score 2:1! A much more interesting and equal hockey in the second twenty minutes!

Just like the second, the third period began with the home team attacks, but the shots weren’t nor hard for Sergejs Naumovs, nor precise. But on the 43rd minute Alexei Yashin scored a third goal for his team after all – Naumovs was screened. Several moments later Lokomotiv almost scored another one, Dinamo answered, but their attacks weren’t dangerous. Riga looked a bit discouraged after the third goal. But on the 49th minute Mikhnov and Konykov ran 2 on 2 with Tribuncvos and Aleksejs Sirokovs – 4:1! After – Dinamo got a chance to at least calm down a little, to control the puck for some time – Lokomotiv got a penalty. The guests didn’t have dangerous attacks during their PP, but they had one, when Loko was already at full-strength, but Gelashvili was super – the goalkeeper somehow managed to put the shin-pad on the ice, when Darzins shot from the bottom. But team Yaroslavl answered with a goal – none other than Alexei Yashin demonstrated his great hockey skills. Dinamo Riga broke down. A little more than a minute later – Ivan Tkachenko scored a 6th goal for his team – an awesome wrist-shot from out of the face-off circle! Lokomotiv had some more attacks before the serene and could have scored more. Shots: 35-19.

Well, Dinamo Riga didn’t show a game in the last period. The third goal changed the game and our team fell apart. I don’t think, however, that there are reasons for worrying. The team was tired, probably, besides, let’s be reasonable – it was pretty difficult, maybe even impossible, to win Lokomotiv for another time. I’m sure Riga will make the necessary corrections for the next game.

I must say, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl looked great today! Especially Konykov and Mikhnov, as well as Yashin-Irgl-Vashichek. Alexei Mikhnov, by the way, was named the best player of the game in his team; in Dinamo – it was Rodrigo Lavins.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl – Dinamo Riga 6:1 (1:0, 1:1, 4:0)

Goals: 14:20 Mikhnov (Kudashev, Konykov) 1:0, 34:25 M. Redlihs (Berzins) 1:1, 38:14 Irgl (Okerman, Vashichek, PP) 2:1, 42:41 Yashin (Vashichek) 3:1, 48:13 Mikhnov (Konykov) 4:1, 55:22 Yashin (Irgl, Vashichek) 5:1, 56:42 Tkachenko (Semin) 6:1.

Penalties: 12 – 8.

Dinamo Riga's next game - January 9 against Lada Tolyatti.

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