September 1, 2008

Buy Dinamo Riga Hockey Jersey

Many people are complaining that they can't find a place to buy Dinamo Riga jerseys and yes there is currently no place to buy them, only time and place to buy them is in Dinamo Riga home game time, if you are interested in fan jersey. But you have an ultra rare opportunity to get real authentic game jerseys that are been used in real live KHL games.

Listing of all Jerseys is HERE.

Happy bidding!


This is a Dinamo Riga fan jersey currently you can only buy it in Arena Riga, in game time, there is no other possibility, I think that these jerseys are currently no more as 1000 available currently, so you can consider them as rare, if you need one, buy it from us in auction - new, never unpacked, directly from Arena Riga.

Real Dinamo Riga game jerseys will be added later.

I only accept payments through PayPal, winning bidder will have to pay 15$ for s+h if you live outside Europe, 10$ if you live in Europe, shipping is worldwide, shipment is being made from Latvia, you will receive your jersey in 2-3 week time, even if you live in Japan. Payment must be made within 48 hours!

If there are any questions or special wishes, then you are welcome to contact us:

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davidm said...

Sorry, but this is wrong:

"Dinamo Riga is also notable because it was first team in history of hockey that used four lines(12+8) instead of three lines, like in the rest of the world at that time. In year 1948 the Soviet Union participated for the first time in World Championship and Dinamo Riga player Harijs Mellups was the first goalie that has participated in this historic first Soviet Union game in World Championship."

Dinamo Riga was the first team to use four lines, but it wasn't 12+8, but 12+6. They still played with three, not four, pairs of defensemen.

The USSR played in the world championships for the first time in 1954, not in 1948, four years after Mellups was killed with the rest of the VVS team.