September 30, 2008

Dinamo Riga - Dinamo Moscow, game preview

Dinamo Riga VS Dinamo Moscow
Game 12

Dinamo Moscow is one of the most successful teams in Russian hockey history, it has won four Soviet and four Russian championship titles, most recent was in year 2005 also they won 2006 IIHF Europian Champions Cup . This season they are showing good results, they are currently at the top-half of the table with 4 Wins, 3 Overtieme Wins and 3 Loses averaging 2.9 goals for and 2.3 goals against in 10 games. Most dangerous players currently are - Alexei Zhitnik (Defence) with 3G 2A 5Pts, Dmitry Afanasenkov (Forward) with 2G 6A 8Pts, Maksim Pestushko(F) with 5G 1A 6Pts, Ivan Nepryayev(F) with 1G 5A 6Pts. Also notable is they'r goalie Vitaliy Yeremeyev that currently has 2.18 Goals Agains Avarege(GAA).

This will be the first game between Dinamo Riga and Dinamo Moscow in KHL history, in Soviet Union times Dinamo Moscow has almoast everytime finished higher then Dinamo Riga in the end of the season. This game we can call a derby between Dinamo teams also in this Dinamo club derby participates Dinamo Minsk from Belorussia. Now Dinamo Riga has all opertunities to be a best team between Dinamo clubs, I hope for a win in longtime run, because in reality that Dinamo Riga can beat strongest teams and at the same time lose to weakest, so Dinamo Riga is unpredictible, I am glad that they are in top-half at the table, I am hoping for play-off's. As for this game..., as I earlier mentioned Dinamo Riga has weaker squad then in pre-Moscow tour, out of order is our first gaolkeeper Edgars Masalskis, and forward Juris Stals. Without them Dinamo Riga has made a surprising tour with snatching 5 points from 9. Of course I am hoping for the win, but we have to be also prepared for the lose, because that is what most in common will happen. I hope all hockey Gods will be with our defence and Sergejs Naumovs today. Broadcast to the game you will find here..., hopefully or in

Game review you will find on 2nd october, because I will have tomorrow(1st october) my 20th birthday.

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