September 27, 2008

Moscow Tour Review

CSKA Moscow VS Dinamo Riga
Game 9

Game against CSKA was pretty enjoyable, also result was good for Dinamo Riga, despite Dinamo Riga injury problems. Edgars Masalskis was beaten on the street after he had careless after-game party with his teammates celebrating last games win, also Atvars Tribuncovs was injured, he had before the game groin injury. Masalskis was replaced by Sergei Naumov who played in the Belorussian Open Hockey Championship with Masalskis in same league last season. Naumovs was a stable backup goalie, who had a bad game earlier this season 4 GA in 32 minutes against Metallurg Novokuznetsk, then he was replaced by Masalskis who letted in 3 pucks in his net. So before the game I was not so sure about the win tho knowing that CSKA now is not the team who was back in Soviet times. The game started at moderate temp, at the start more attacks had CSKA, so I almost had to close my eyes before every CSKA attack, knowing that Naumovs is in the net, but despite that after few minutes(9 min.) Ronald Petrovicky putted Dinamo in front with nice rebound shot. After that CSKA had few dangerous attacks that had must ended in tieuping the game... but no...Dinamo Riga scored again with great speedy Mikelis Redlihs counter-attack ending the first period with 2-0 lead. At the start of second period CSKA had some more dangerous attacks. After 30 minutes Dinamo were shorthanded, CSKA had some great attacks but with no result and again with great counter-attack Marcel Hossa scored an shorthanded beauty. After 10 minutes Naumovs letted in a goal which had scored Parshin after that another one scored Kornev. After that Moscow still putted a lot of pressure on Dinamo Riga net but Naumovs had some great saves. At the start of the third period after great Viktors Blinovs pass goal scored Juris Stals and that was another counter-attack by Dinamo Riga. At the 49th minute CSKA scored again. Now it was 3:4 and Dinamo Riga got a lot of pressure from CSKA Moscow, but Dinamo Riga managed to hang on to the win. I was surprised that in last minute of the game CSKA's goalie was not changed for the 6th player...strange Bikov tactics were. Great game for both teams and also lucky one for Dinamo.

CSKA Moscow - Dinamo Riga 3:4 (0:2, 2:1, 1:1)
Goals 8:57 0:1 Petrovicky (Blinovs, Stals), 17:47 0:2 Redlihs (Darzins), 23:19 0:3 Hossa (Ellison, SH), 29:20 1:3 Parisin (Misarin, PP), 38:44 2:3 Kornjev (Misarin), 42:36 2:4 Blinovs (Stals), 48:57 3:4 Scaslivij (Rozin, Hannula).
Shots on goal: 32:20

Spartak Moscow VS Dinamo Riga

Game 10

Sadly, but this game was not translated here in Latvia, I followed this game using online live-text, so I can't give you a much of a review. I was hoping that Dinamo will have 5th straight victory, also Naumovs had proven himself in my eyes, so I was hoping for the best. As I know Dinamo Riga had some good chances, but Spartak Moscow was putting on really good presure on Dinamo Riga, with they'r stile of the play and dangerous shots on the goal. So my expectation went out of window.

Spartak Moscow – Dinamo Riga 5:1 (1:0, 3:1, 1:0)
Goals 12:31 Akimov (Levandovski) 1:0, 23:08 Akifjev (Akimov, Levandovski) 2:0, 28:16 Baranka (Radiojevic, Lamin PP.) 3:0, Levandovski (Drozdecki SH.) 4:0, Hartigan (Nizivijs, Sorokins PP.) 4:1, 58:15 Ribin (Uper) 5:1.

Shots on goal: 33:24

Vityaz Chekhov VS Dinamo Riga


Game 11

I had expected this game for some time, because Dinamo Riga and Vityaz Chekhov are currently the dirties teams in league, I hoped for some 'action'. For a despite Vityaz's two dirtiest players were disqualified for this game, because they had a massive fight in last game. This game was not televised second time in a row *angry*, so Well I was sure hoping for a victory, because Vityaz was at that time the second worst team in the league. As I saw in live-text Dinamo had some behaveior problems in first period and Vityaz near the end of the period scored Dinamo Riga for punishment a goal 1-0, after that Vityaz played aggressive hockey and was trying to provocate Dinamo. Before end of the second period Mark Hartigan tied the game. Starting third period some anger managment problems had also Duvie Westcott and Vityaz's Spailo, both had a fight, last of them received 10+4 minutes. These 4 PP minutes Dinamo used very well resulting in Marcel Hossa's 9th goal of this season, after legionares Novak's and Ellison's assists. Well I thought when that is victory for Dinamo, but no... rough guy Spailo had scored a goal in one minute befor the end buzzer. So game was in to the overtime where it had costed no results in scoring and now we were at shootout, where only goal scored was by Dinamo's Aleksandrs Nizivijs. A great game, sad that this game was not broadcasted here in Latvia.

Vityaz Chekhov – Dinamo Riga 2:3 (1:0, 0:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:1)
Goals: 13:09 Spailo (Golc, Grisin) 1:0, 38:19 Hartigan (Sorokins) 1:1, 41:44 Hossa (Novak, Ellison PP.) 1:2, 58:29 Spailo (Sapazkov, Megalinskij) 2:2, 65:01 Nizivijs 2:3.

Shots on goal: 40-33

To recap - 5 points in 3 games was better result then I expected. Naumovs showed in these games when he can replace Masalskis, I don't think that Masalskis would do any better in these games.

Next game there will be a against Dinamo Moscow, that clashes with my birthday-1.10.2008, I will have 20th birthday, I hope that Dinamo Riga will give me a good present! :)

Their will be a preview on 30.09 and review on 02.09 about this game on this blog.

P.S Sorry for my bad grammar.

P.S.S More game photos you can view on official Dinamo Riga homepage or Follow link to the right.

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