September 30, 2008

Elmars Bauris celebrates 90!

One of the most influential Latvian forwards in 20th century Elmars Bauris today is celebrating his 90th birthday. He had a great speed, technique, he was fearless and very effective in scoring goals. He played for Dinamo Riga from 1946 to 1956. In year 1954 he was ranked 4th in Soviet Championship in scoring goals. Tomorrow in 1st October he will receive cheers in the game between Dinamo Riga and Dinamo Moscow. He is the one of players which has to be memorialized in Arena Riga alongside with Helmuts Balderis, because he has contributed to Latvian hockey very much.

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iraksti said...

Back in the late 60's Bauris trained my father for Junior team - Rigas vagonu rupnica (RVR), he said that he was pure talent as player and couch.

P.S es rakstīju angliski, jo skatos tavu saitu apmeklē arī no citām valstīm, lai Tev labi blogojas !