September 29, 2008

Dinamo Riga penalty box and defence problems

Head coach Július Šupler has to think about team behaviour on the ice, because Dinamo Riga currently has most short-handed times in the league(71), that has leaded to concerning 11 goals this season in 11 games, 3rd lowest rank in KHL, that is 1.00 goal per game when Dinamo Riga player is in the penalty box. If this will continue then I think when Dinamo Riga woun't be so hockey God beloved and woun't get in to the play-off's, it does not matter if team has great attack, but defencive aspect lacks. In my opinion Dinamo Riga managment has within discipline improvement also get two new stable DD(Defensive Defenseman) players for the same price that Dinamo Riga was hoping to get Sandis Ozolinsh. I am a big fan of Sandis, Ozolinsh but he just does not fit in the team, why does Dinamo need OD(Offensive Defenceman) if it has serious troubles with defence? I think that Rodrigo Lavins and Olegs Sorokins has to be replaced, as they are weakest links in the team, in my opinion. They are great guy's, both leaders in the locker room, but unfortunatly not on the ice. Anyway I hope that next games will be more disciplined from Dinamo Riga side and board will think over about Dinamo defence improvement.

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