September 29, 2008

Should Helmuts Balderis be memorialized?

Post is a about a player who has done more then most of the hockey players, his name is Helmuts Balderis. He is the best player in history of Latvia, he won many major trophies, such as MVP of Soviet League (1977), was named as best forword in World Championship (1977), has won Izvestia Trophy as top league scorer (1977, 1983) and other. He has scored 333 goals in Soviet League, he also played many years for Soviet Union. More about his stats you can find out here. I am surprised that Helmuts Balderis has not been memorialized in reastablished Dinamo Riga, well it is just a start of the season, but in my opinion this should be done already in first home game in the season, the CSKA Moscow, where Helmuts Balderis have played 3 seasons, has already stated that Helmuts Balderis will be memorialized in the Universal Sport Hall. So why not Dinamo Riga do the same, the place where Helmuts Balderis has played for 15 seasons?

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Goon said...

Did he play for the North Stars as well?

violator said...

Yes he did, he played in total 26 games scoring 3 goals and assisting 6 times totaling 9 points for North Stars.