February 27, 2009

Results of the Regulars

The battle for the play-offs or a higher place in the tournament table continued 'till the last game day. The results are following:

The whole tournament table and statistics here.

The 1/8 play-off pairs and calendar:

Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) - Avangard (Omsk)
Ak Bars (Kazan) - Baris (Astana, Kazahstan)
Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) - Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk)
CSKA (Moscow) - Lada (Tolyatti)
Atlant (Myticshi) - Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) - Torpedo (Nizhni Novgorod)
Dinamo (Moscow) - Dinamo (Riga, Latvia)
SKA (St. Petersburg) - Spartak (Moscow)

March 1:
Salavat Yulaev - Avangard
Lokomotiv - Neftekhimik
Atlant - Traktor
Dinamo M - Dinamo R

March 2:
Ak Bars - Baris
CSKA - Lada
Metallurg - Torpedo
SKA - Spartak
Salavat - Avangard
Lokomotiv - Neftekhimik
Atlant - Traktor
Dinamo M - Dinamo R

March 3:
Ak Bars - Baris
CSKA - Lada
Metallurg - Traktor
SKA - Spartak

March 4:
Avangard - Salavat Yulaev
Neftekhimik - Lokomotiv
Traktor - Atlant
Dinamo R - Dinamo M

March 5:
Baris - Ak Bars
Lada - CSKA
Torpedo - Metallurg
Spartak - SKA
Avangard - Salavat*
Neftekhimik - Lokomotiv*
Traktor - Atlant*
Dinamo R - Dinamo M*

March 6*:
Spartak - SKA
Baris - Ak Bars
Lada - CSKA
Torepdo - Metallurg

March 7*:
Salavat Yulaev - Avangard
Lokomotiv - Neftekhimik
Atlant - Traktor
Dinamo M - Dinamo R

March 8*:
Ak Bars - Baris
CSKA - Lada
Metallurg - Torpedo
SKA - Spartak

*if necessary

February 26, 2009

Dinamo lost last game of regulars

Dinamo Riga vs.
Amur Khabarovsk

Well, it was an interesting game - fast, with many moments and little pauses! The result is fair. The teams were equal, but Amur was just a little better. But actually this was a match of the goalkeepers! Hockey was opened, the goalie did wonders in almost every moment! But one in one episode Martin Prusek showed, probably, the most spectacular save of the evening - stoped the puck in a beautiful jump! The whole arena called out his name, as usually only a few sectors do that.

In the first period the home team attacked more, in the second - the visiting, in the third - again the home team. But I repeat, the game was equal. As one team had the advantage, the other answered with dangerous counter-attacks. Still, the game wasn't so nerve-racking. The atmosphere was free and easy, as both teams for real had nothing to fight for. Amur lost the chances for the play-offs a long time ago, Dinamo needed to save strength for the relegation games.

So, as a result, Dinamo Riga finished 10th in the regulars and will meet with another Dinamo in the 1/8 - Dinamo Moscow.

Dinamo - Amur 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

0:1 - 48:41 Mikhail Sarmatin (Maxim Yushkov), PP

Goalkeepers: Martin Prusek - Sergei Borisov

Penalties: 12 - 2
Photos and video of the game.

February 25, 2009

Dinamo wins Amur

Dinamo Riga vs.
Amur Khabarovsk

Dinamo Riga was more active at the beginning and scored a quick goal. The home team continued attacking and a few moments later the score was already 2:0 –
Girts Ankipans’ shot after Aigars Cipruss’ pass from behind the net. And right after that Dinamo was left short-handed. The guests had some nice attacks, but Dinamo answered with counters from time to time. When Riga was at full strength, it continued playing in Amur’s zone and got a power-play soon – Dinamo was offending all the time, but the shots weren’t dangerous. On the 16th minute Dinamo players made a mistake and Amur scored – 1:2. After this goal the guests started to take the advantage and the last minutes of the first period were held in Dinamo Riga’s zone, but the last seconds – in Amur’s.

The beginning of the second period was more in the middle zone. On the 4th minute Amur got a PP, did nothing dangerous and a minute later the teams were already four-on-four. When Dinamo’s player was back on the ice and the team got a PP, Riga tried to score, but almost lost a goal, when Amur’s player run one-on-one with Sergejs Naumovs, who was great. Later – the game became calmer, Amur attacked more. After the match reached its middle, Dinamo also started attacking, got a power-play, created many moments, but didn’t score. In the end of the period the visiting team scored, but the goal wasn’t counted as it was scored with a skate.

In the 3rd period the game was very calm and a little boring. Dinamo attacked, Amur counter-attacked – dangerous by both teams, but these kind of moments were rare. On the 8th minute Dinamo was left SH and defended very well. On the 11th minute Dinamo received another minor and once again was good in the defense. As the period was coming to the end both teams started to foul much. More than a minute before the serene, the guests pulled the goalie out, they were in power-play, and locked Dinamo in its zone – no luck, as well as Naumovs was great. Final score – 2:1. Tomorrow, in the last day of KHL regulars, these teams will meet again.

Dinamo R - Amur 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0)

1:0 – 01:25 Armand Berzins (Mikelis Redlihs, Lauris Darzins)
2:0 – 03:49 Girts Ankipans (Aigars Cipruss, Marcel Hossa)
2:1 – 15:56 Maxim Krivonozhkin (Peter Nyulander, Alexei Kopeikin)

Goalkeepers: Sergejs Naumovs - Sergei Borisov

Penalties: 12 - 8

Photos here.

February 23, 2009

Dinamo wins in OT

Dinamo Riga vs.
Metallurg Novokuzneck
3:2 OT

Dinamo R - Metallurg Nk 3:2 OT (0:0, 1:1, 1:1, 1:0)

0:1 - 25:58 Artem Ostroushko (Valeri Khlebnikov, Albert Vishnyakov), PP
1:1 - 38:03 Mark Hartigan (Krisjanis Redlihs, Marcel Hossa)
2:1 - 44:08 Mark Hartigan (Matt Ellison)
2:2 - Valeri Khlebnikov
3:2 - 62:40 Matt Ellison (Mark Hartigan, Duvie Westcott), PP

Goalkeepers: Martin Prusek - Sergejs Naumovs

Penalties: 10 - 18

The next two and last games - against Amur Khabarovsk on February 25 and 26.

February 22, 2009

Week review

Tournaments table and other statistics here.

Many interesting and unexpected results were fixed after the last KHL break. The teams from the bottom part of the tournament table are still fighting for a place in the play-offs; the clubs that lost these chances are just trying to show a good game and steal points from the leaders.

Currently 12 teams have guaranteed themselves participation in the play-offs. Dinamo Riga is among them. The names of three division winners are also known - winner of Kharlamov division is Yaroslavl's Lokomotiv, of Chernishev division - Kazan's Ak Bars and of Bobrov's division - Salavat Yulaev. Ufa's club is also the winner of the regulars! In Tarasov division two teams are still fighting for the first place - Magnitogorsk's Metallurg and CSKA.

It's nor far left 'till the relegation games. 2-3 matches are left to play for each team. The last game day is the 26th of February. The play-offs will start on March 1st.

If tomorrow's the play-offs... (on February 22)*

(1) Salavat Yulaev - (16) Neftekhimik
(2) Ak Bars - (15) Severstal
(3) Lokomotiv - (14) Avangard
(4) Metallurg Mg - (13) Lada
(5) Atlant - (12) Dinamo R
(6) CSKA - (11) Traktor
(7) Dinamo M - (10) Torpedo
(8) SKA - (9) Spartak

*Teams that have guaranteed participation in the play-offs shown in bold.

February 21, 2009

Second win - after shoot-outs

Dinamo Riga vs.
Sibir Novosibirsk
3:2 SO

This game was much better than yesterdays. Dinamo Riga once again was more active in the beginning, but further on the guests equaled the game and even took the advantage in the 2nd period. Dinamo's goal was scored after a counter-attack. The recovered Martin Prusek did great in this period and in the whole game, just like Sibir's goalie Thomas Louson. But Prusek had more work. In the 3rd period both teams held many dangerous attacks. Sibir was the one that scored and tied the result. Before the end of the 3rd period both teams could have settled everything in 60 minutes, but both goalie were on their best! These last minutes were very stressful not only for the teams, but also for the fans.

In the over-time Dinamo was more active, but without luck. In the shoot-outs both goalkeepers did wonders, non of the forwards could overplay them. Dinamo's Lauris Darzins was the only one, who succeeded, bringing victory for his team.

Dinamo - Sibir 3:2 SO (1:0, 1:1, 0:1, 0:0, 1:0)

1:0 - 02:12 Duvie Westcott (Marcel Hossa, Philip Novak), PP
1:1 - 30:08 Mikhail Anisin (Yegor Milovzorov)
2:1 - 35:33 Guntis Galvins (Mikelis Redlihs)
2:2 - 54:54 Dmitri Yushkevich
3:2 - 65:00 Lauris Darzins, game-winning shot

Goalkeepers: Martin Prusek - Thomas Louson

Penalties: 16 - 14

Photos here.

Next game - Monday, against Novokuzneck Metallurg.

February 20, 2009

Home series started with a win

Dinamo Riga vs.
Sibir Novosibirsk

Dinamo Riga started active – the result was opened on the 2nd minute, but several moments later the team was left short-handed and Sibir realized it. Further the game was equal, maybe with just a little Dinamo advantage. There were many mistakes from both sides, but Dinamo was the one, that used the opponents’, which helped to score in the middle and the end of the period.

In the beginning of the 2nd period Riga had a prolonged opportunity to be in power-play, but the most dangerous moments was a shot by Olegs Sorokins, only the puck hit the post. Dinamo continued to have the advantage nonetheless, but with no result, besides Klyuchnikov was playing great. But in the middle Marcel Hossa managed to overplay him, which didn’t at all confuse the guest team, as a few minutes later they also scored. In the end of the period Dinamo scored, being in power-play, but the guests once again made a two goal difference one second before the break.

At the start of the last period the home team was left short-handed, Sibir started pressing and continued doing so also after the PP. With a little help of luck, Sergejs Naumovs and fouls, it was possible to withstand the guests. After – the visiting team also started to get penalties, so it became easier for Dinamo Riga. On the 56th minute Sibir shortened the result ‘till one goal, but several moments later its chances to tie the score were brought down to a minimum, as the team got a penalty. Although Dinamo Riga had some goalscoring chances, the guests held out, put the goalie out and Dinamo scored into the empty net – one second before the serene. :-)

Well, even though the game was fast, spectacular, with many goals, both teams definitely didn’t show very good hockey. Dinamo Riga guaranteed a place in the play-offs with this victory, which, probably, is the main thing right now, but with this kind of game it’s going to be hard to at least win one match in the relegation games. Sibir, however, has nothing to lose – they have no chances to get in the play-off, but still it’s not good to play like this. Still, the team played today, the team fought for victory, what of course is worthy of respect.

Tomorrow these teams will meet for the last, fourth time. I’ll risk assuming, it’s going to be harder for Dinamo Riga tomorrow. Often happens, that in paired matches the points are splited in half or the team, that’s considered to be stronger, loose points. Well, we’re in the play-offs, but we still need points, as we can move higher in the tournament table. It’s also possible, that we will see Martin Prusek in the net tomorrow, who has recovered from his in injury and was the second goalie for today.

Dinamo - Sibir 6:4 (3:1, 2:2, 1:1)


1:0 - 01:33 Mark Hartigan; 1:1 - 03:38 Alexei Tertishni (Evgeni Lapin, Denis Tyurin, PP); 2:1 - 10:34 Aleksandts Nizivijs (Krisjanis Redlihs); 3:1 - 19:35 Girts Ankipans (Matt Ellison); 4:1 - 32:32 Marcel Hossa (Girts Ankipans); 4:2 - 34:42 Evgeni Muratov (Sergei Berdnikov); 5:2 - 37:44 Krisjanis Redlihs (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, PP); 5:3 - 39:59 Evgeni Lapin (Alexei Petushkov); 5:4 - 55:17 Ivan Chernik (Rastislav Pavlikovski, Vladimir Markelov); 6:4 - 59:59 Mark Hartigan (Krisjanis Redlihs).

Goalkeepers: Sergejs Naumovs - Yuri Klyuchnikov

Penalties: 20 - 16

Photos here and video here.

February 16, 2009

Dinamo Riga returns home with 5 points of 9.

Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo
Dinamo Riga
4:5 OT

Torpedo - Dinamo 4:5 OT (1:1;2:1;1:2;0:1)

0:1 - 00:47 Nizivijs (Hartigan, Pujacs)
1:1 - 11:05 Krikunov (Bucayev)
1:2 - 22:03 Cipulis (Nizivijs)
2:2 - 25:53 Krikunov ( Bucayev)
3:2 - 30:33 Chubarov (Brendl, Podhradsky)
4:2 - 40:14 Varnakov (Nyikitenko)
4:3 - 48:4 Darzinsh (M.Redlihs)
4:4 - 57:09 Ellison (Hossa)
4:5 - 64:56 Ellison

Goalkeepers: Lobanov - Naumov


Shots: 18-33

Next game on February 20 @ Arena Riga, against Novosibirsk Sibirj.
Last time Dinamo Riga played against Novosibirsk Sibirj they lost 1:2 and 1:6!

Let`s support our boys !

February 14, 2009

Atlant Mytischi vs.
Dinamo Riga

Dinamo's goalie Ervins Mustukovs took the place in the net from the first minutes. It's nice to see that the coaches are giving the young ones a chance to prove themselves!

Atlant had the advantage all first period long, but Dinamo Riga was the one who scored - in power-play. Atlant had numerous attacks on Mustukovs net, but Ervins was great, the defenders helped also. On the last minute the guests could score another one. Shots after first period: 9-8, face-offs 5-11.

In the second period Atlant continued pressing. Dinamo Riga answered seldom. The home team had to score some times - so it happened on the 6th minute and six minutes later Atlant took the lead. On the 17th minute Anton Lazarev run one-on-one and made the score 3:1. Shots after second period: 15-6, face-offs: 13-9.

In the third period the guests took the advantage, Atlant answered with dangerous counter-attacks. Dinamo tried to score, but without any luck, Atlant, however, scored in the end of the game - after Alexandr's Korolyuk's long shot, the puck flied into the net right in Mustukovs fifth hole. But the final word was said by Dinamo Riga - 15 second before the serene, Mark Hartigan made the final score of 4:2.

Atlant - Dinamo 4:2 (0:1, 3:0, 1:1)

0:1 - 08:12 Martins Cipluis (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, Krisjanis Redlihs), PP
1:1 - 25:07 Alexandr Nesterov (Anton Lazarev)
2:1 - 31:41 Sergei Mozyakin (Magnus Johansson, Albert Leshev)
3:1 - 36:18 Anton Lazarev
4:1 - 59:12 Alexandr Korolyuk (Albert Leshev, Sergei Mozyakin)
4:2 - 59:45 Mark Hartigan (Guntis Galvins, Lauris Darzins), PP

Goalkeepers: Ray Emery - Ervins Mustukovs

Penalties: 10 -10

Next game - Monday, against Torpedo Nizniy Novgorod.

February 12, 2009

Dinamo resumes with a victory!

HC MVD vs.
Dinamo Riga

Dinamo Riga has resumed its participation in the Kontinental Hockey league after the break, in which Latvia national team earned a trip to the Olympics in Vankuver-2010.

It seems it was an incredible game - interesting, rich on goals and correct. Besides, Dinamo overplayed a principle opponent (MVD head coach, Oleg Znarok, is also at the wheel of Latvias national team) and got the important three points. To bad that television sometimes doesn't consider it necessary to show matches between teams, that are battling for the play-offs...

MVD - Dinamo Riga 2:4 (2:2, 0:2, 0:0)

0:1 - 01:08 Martins Cipulis (Georgijs Pujacs)
0:2 - 06:03 Georgijs Pujacs (Martins Cipulis)
1:2 - 09:02 Ruslan Zainullin (James Pollock)
2:2 - 13:08 Alexei Krovopuskov (Vladimir Gorbunov)
2:3 - 26:53 Marcel Hossa (Duvie Westcott), PP
2:4 - 35:21 Matt Ellison (Girts Ankipans, Marcel Hossa)

Goalkeepers: Evgeni Konstantinov - Sergejs Naumovs

Penalties: 4 - 6

Next game - Saturday, against Atlant.

February 10, 2009

Dinamo Riga fans

We all know, that Dinamo Riga ice hockey players can be proud of their fans.
I think, that everyone, who has been in Arena Riga even once, could say :"Latvian fans are the best."
We love our team in beautiful victories, even when they lose they still are the best in our eyes.

There`s a glaring example.

Everyone, has seen those girls, who account for posters to support our Dinamo players.
They`re not giving up, they`re striving to cheer up our boys with posters and loud voices.
And I believe that our players already know those girls. (Lauris Darzins knows.)

Lauris Darzins :"It encourages, that people are supporting us so much, that they`re sitting and thinking and making posters for us. And of course, we are trying to say "thank you" them with a good game, thus giving them a reason to rejoice."

Straupe called up from Riga 2000

Janis Straupe, which is called to "Dinamo" his first time, has played 28 games in Belarussian extra league.
In his 28 games Janis Straupe has earned 22 points(10+12), which is resulting second best result in Riga 2000.