February 20, 2009

Home series started with a win

Dinamo Riga vs.
Sibir Novosibirsk

Dinamo Riga started active – the result was opened on the 2nd minute, but several moments later the team was left short-handed and Sibir realized it. Further the game was equal, maybe with just a little Dinamo advantage. There were many mistakes from both sides, but Dinamo was the one, that used the opponents’, which helped to score in the middle and the end of the period.

In the beginning of the 2nd period Riga had a prolonged opportunity to be in power-play, but the most dangerous moments was a shot by Olegs Sorokins, only the puck hit the post. Dinamo continued to have the advantage nonetheless, but with no result, besides Klyuchnikov was playing great. But in the middle Marcel Hossa managed to overplay him, which didn’t at all confuse the guest team, as a few minutes later they also scored. In the end of the period Dinamo scored, being in power-play, but the guests once again made a two goal difference one second before the break.

At the start of the last period the home team was left short-handed, Sibir started pressing and continued doing so also after the PP. With a little help of luck, Sergejs Naumovs and fouls, it was possible to withstand the guests. After – the visiting team also started to get penalties, so it became easier for Dinamo Riga. On the 56th minute Sibir shortened the result ‘till one goal, but several moments later its chances to tie the score were brought down to a minimum, as the team got a penalty. Although Dinamo Riga had some goalscoring chances, the guests held out, put the goalie out and Dinamo scored into the empty net – one second before the serene. :-)

Well, even though the game was fast, spectacular, with many goals, both teams definitely didn’t show very good hockey. Dinamo Riga guaranteed a place in the play-offs with this victory, which, probably, is the main thing right now, but with this kind of game it’s going to be hard to at least win one match in the relegation games. Sibir, however, has nothing to lose – they have no chances to get in the play-off, but still it’s not good to play like this. Still, the team played today, the team fought for victory, what of course is worthy of respect.

Tomorrow these teams will meet for the last, fourth time. I’ll risk assuming, it’s going to be harder for Dinamo Riga tomorrow. Often happens, that in paired matches the points are splited in half or the team, that’s considered to be stronger, loose points. Well, we’re in the play-offs, but we still need points, as we can move higher in the tournament table. It’s also possible, that we will see Martin Prusek in the net tomorrow, who has recovered from his in injury and was the second goalie for today.

Dinamo - Sibir 6:4 (3:1, 2:2, 1:1)


1:0 - 01:33 Mark Hartigan; 1:1 - 03:38 Alexei Tertishni (Evgeni Lapin, Denis Tyurin, PP); 2:1 - 10:34 Aleksandts Nizivijs (Krisjanis Redlihs); 3:1 - 19:35 Girts Ankipans (Matt Ellison); 4:1 - 32:32 Marcel Hossa (Girts Ankipans); 4:2 - 34:42 Evgeni Muratov (Sergei Berdnikov); 5:2 - 37:44 Krisjanis Redlihs (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, PP); 5:3 - 39:59 Evgeni Lapin (Alexei Petushkov); 5:4 - 55:17 Ivan Chernik (Rastislav Pavlikovski, Vladimir Markelov); 6:4 - 59:59 Mark Hartigan (Krisjanis Redlihs).

Goalkeepers: Sergejs Naumovs - Yuri Klyuchnikov

Penalties: 20 - 16

Photos here and video here.

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