February 21, 2009

Second win - after shoot-outs

Dinamo Riga vs.
Sibir Novosibirsk
3:2 SO

This game was much better than yesterdays. Dinamo Riga once again was more active in the beginning, but further on the guests equaled the game and even took the advantage in the 2nd period. Dinamo's goal was scored after a counter-attack. The recovered Martin Prusek did great in this period and in the whole game, just like Sibir's goalie Thomas Louson. But Prusek had more work. In the 3rd period both teams held many dangerous attacks. Sibir was the one that scored and tied the result. Before the end of the 3rd period both teams could have settled everything in 60 minutes, but both goalie were on their best! These last minutes were very stressful not only for the teams, but also for the fans.

In the over-time Dinamo was more active, but without luck. In the shoot-outs both goalkeepers did wonders, non of the forwards could overplay them. Dinamo's Lauris Darzins was the only one, who succeeded, bringing victory for his team.

Dinamo - Sibir 3:2 SO (1:0, 1:1, 0:1, 0:0, 1:0)

1:0 - 02:12 Duvie Westcott (Marcel Hossa, Philip Novak), PP
1:1 - 30:08 Mikhail Anisin (Yegor Milovzorov)
2:1 - 35:33 Guntis Galvins (Mikelis Redlihs)
2:2 - 54:54 Dmitri Yushkevich
3:2 - 65:00 Lauris Darzins, game-winning shot

Goalkeepers: Martin Prusek - Thomas Louson

Penalties: 16 - 14

Photos here.

Next game - Monday, against Novokuzneck Metallurg.

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