February 25, 2009

Dinamo wins Amur

Dinamo Riga vs.
Amur Khabarovsk

Dinamo Riga was more active at the beginning and scored a quick goal. The home team continued attacking and a few moments later the score was already 2:0 –
Girts Ankipans’ shot after Aigars Cipruss’ pass from behind the net. And right after that Dinamo was left short-handed. The guests had some nice attacks, but Dinamo answered with counters from time to time. When Riga was at full strength, it continued playing in Amur’s zone and got a power-play soon – Dinamo was offending all the time, but the shots weren’t dangerous. On the 16th minute Dinamo players made a mistake and Amur scored – 1:2. After this goal the guests started to take the advantage and the last minutes of the first period were held in Dinamo Riga’s zone, but the last seconds – in Amur’s.

The beginning of the second period was more in the middle zone. On the 4th minute Amur got a PP, did nothing dangerous and a minute later the teams were already four-on-four. When Dinamo’s player was back on the ice and the team got a PP, Riga tried to score, but almost lost a goal, when Amur’s player run one-on-one with Sergejs Naumovs, who was great. Later – the game became calmer, Amur attacked more. After the match reached its middle, Dinamo also started attacking, got a power-play, created many moments, but didn’t score. In the end of the period the visiting team scored, but the goal wasn’t counted as it was scored with a skate.

In the 3rd period the game was very calm and a little boring. Dinamo attacked, Amur counter-attacked – dangerous by both teams, but these kind of moments were rare. On the 8th minute Dinamo was left SH and defended very well. On the 11th minute Dinamo received another minor and once again was good in the defense. As the period was coming to the end both teams started to foul much. More than a minute before the serene, the guests pulled the goalie out, they were in power-play, and locked Dinamo in its zone – no luck, as well as Naumovs was great. Final score – 2:1. Tomorrow, in the last day of KHL regulars, these teams will meet again.

Dinamo R - Amur 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0)

1:0 – 01:25 Armand Berzins (Mikelis Redlihs, Lauris Darzins)
2:0 – 03:49 Girts Ankipans (Aigars Cipruss, Marcel Hossa)
2:1 – 15:56 Maxim Krivonozhkin (Peter Nyulander, Alexei Kopeikin)

Goalkeepers: Sergejs Naumovs - Sergei Borisov

Penalties: 12 - 8

Photos here.

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