February 10, 2009

Dinamo Riga fans

We all know, that Dinamo Riga ice hockey players can be proud of their fans.
I think, that everyone, who has been in Arena Riga even once, could say :"Latvian fans are the best."
We love our team in beautiful victories, even when they lose they still are the best in our eyes.

There`s a glaring example.

Everyone, has seen those girls, who account for posters to support our Dinamo players.
They`re not giving up, they`re striving to cheer up our boys with posters and loud voices.
And I believe that our players already know those girls. (Lauris Darzins knows.)

Lauris Darzins :"It encourages, that people are supporting us so much, that they`re sitting and thinking and making posters for us. And of course, we are trying to say "thank you" them with a good game, thus giving them a reason to rejoice."

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