February 14, 2009

Atlant Mytischi vs.
Dinamo Riga

Dinamo's goalie Ervins Mustukovs took the place in the net from the first minutes. It's nice to see that the coaches are giving the young ones a chance to prove themselves!

Atlant had the advantage all first period long, but Dinamo Riga was the one who scored - in power-play. Atlant had numerous attacks on Mustukovs net, but Ervins was great, the defenders helped also. On the last minute the guests could score another one. Shots after first period: 9-8, face-offs 5-11.

In the second period Atlant continued pressing. Dinamo Riga answered seldom. The home team had to score some times - so it happened on the 6th minute and six minutes later Atlant took the lead. On the 17th minute Anton Lazarev run one-on-one and made the score 3:1. Shots after second period: 15-6, face-offs: 13-9.

In the third period the guests took the advantage, Atlant answered with dangerous counter-attacks. Dinamo tried to score, but without any luck, Atlant, however, scored in the end of the game - after Alexandr's Korolyuk's long shot, the puck flied into the net right in Mustukovs fifth hole. But the final word was said by Dinamo Riga - 15 second before the serene, Mark Hartigan made the final score of 4:2.

Atlant - Dinamo 4:2 (0:1, 3:0, 1:1)

0:1 - 08:12 Martins Cipluis (Aleksandrs Nizivijs, Krisjanis Redlihs), PP
1:1 - 25:07 Alexandr Nesterov (Anton Lazarev)
2:1 - 31:41 Sergei Mozyakin (Magnus Johansson, Albert Leshev)
3:1 - 36:18 Anton Lazarev
4:1 - 59:12 Alexandr Korolyuk (Albert Leshev, Sergei Mozyakin)
4:2 - 59:45 Mark Hartigan (Guntis Galvins, Lauris Darzins), PP

Goalkeepers: Ray Emery - Ervins Mustukovs

Penalties: 10 -10

Next game - Monday, against Torpedo Nizniy Novgorod.


aglo said...

Rīt spēli pa LTV7 radīs. Nezinu, vai man sanāks uzrakstīt review.

Liene, negribi pameģināt? :-)

Liene Grava said...

nu var mēģināt. 8)