October 5, 2008

September MVP - Marcel Hossa

Pool has been closed and Marcel Hossa received most votes from this blog readers, he received 86 votes. In his 11 September games, he has scored 9 goals and gave 3 assists, also earning 39 penalty minutes. Marcel Hossa is the best signing in this season for Dinamo Riga, for sure. I hope that Dinamo Riga will maintain him also for next season.


Anonymous said...

Hey, cool to see this blog and that there are other Marcel Hossa fans out there! I watched him play his junior hockey here in Portland, Oregon about 8-10 years ago. He's always been a favorite of mine. Does anyone know where I can get one of the grey/white away Riga jerseys with his name in Russian? They don't sell them in the US and I'd love to find away to get my hands on one and add it to my collection. Please email pbjr21@aol.com if you know.

@_raj said...

Hi!. I don't watch this sport much but you have very well maintained your blog and the posts are well composed. There is lots of content to read too. Keep up the good work

Dinamo Riga Fan said...

He is my favorite player in Riga Dinamo. I watched few games here in Finland with channe Viasat and i seen he do 2-3 goals. Di-na-mo Di-di-di-di-na-mo Riga! RIGA TUMTUMTUM RIGA TUMTUMTUM!!